Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Ion Age Announces Massive 15mm Terrain Expansion

The Ion Age is planning to make a huge hit into 15mm scifi wargaming terrain.  While their current hab dome line is really high quality, their new line is poised to become the most modelar terrain available in the 15mm genre. 

These miniature works of art were designed by The Ion Age's lead designer,   Sam Croes. This is not just 15mm terrain.  This is an entire 15mm terrain system.  All passages are designed to line up, allowing the formation of complexes on your table.  Due to the size and quality, I'm thinking these might even work really well for the 10mm crowd as well. 

The entire line goes into a pre-order state Tuesday November 18th.  Pre-orders will be 10% off the retail prices (which will range from 2.50GBP to 12.00GBP, with the majority of the kit being 7.00GBP). Additionally, there will be some nice sized sets being offered for 25% below retail.

Command Dome.  Like I said, judging by the model size next to
the door, I think this could work well in the 10mm ranges.

Power Spire. Either set by itself, or on top of a Dome.

Four pack single corridors

Double pack of double corridors
Two pack of corner connectors

Two pack of three-way junctions
Four way junction
Four pack of Pressure Door Corridor Ends
Two pack of Turret Base Corridor Ends

Six Pack of Hab-to-Hab Connection Adaptors
The currently existing Hab Dome, the starting point for the whole series.

Check out The Ion Age's page for more information and, and remember to get in your Pre-order. The release date is December 1st, so you don't have long- but that also means you don't have long to wait!

See you on the other side of the table
The Second Class Elitist

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