Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Zombie of the Month- November 2014- Dumpster Diving at FRP

  Well, it's now the holiday shopping season. Of course, we know this by the sales that are going on all over the place. So, in keeping with the theme of getting more stuff for less money, I thought I'd share with you one of the places I go to get some discounted zombie miniatures: FRP Games. Ok, so, there are some good things and some bad things about shopping the "Overstock Sale List" at FRP. I mean, sometimes there's a reason things are on clearance. So, sometimes a model is 50% off, but it comes in missing a limb. But only sometimes. And sometimes you get your stuff in 3-5 days, sometimes it's 3-5 weeks. On the other hand, clearance rack shopping is always fun, and sometimes you find some real gems. FRP clearances everything. Sure, some things on there may be obscure, but some will actually be for games you play, or useful things like dynamic bases, or be just downright beautiful. So, I'm here today to show you some of the finds I scored last time I went hunting in the Overstock section.

   What’s so great about these Zombies? Well, I'm a real cheapskate and very picky. So, if it's not something I need immediately, it  had better be very cheap and/or quite awesome to get added to my cart. And that includes my zombies. But you know I also like having a few really special zombies in my horde. Here are three buys I made on one trip to FRP, complete with an abbreviated version of their basics and ratings:

Sturmzombies by Grindhouse Games

Nazi zombies. As if you needed more, one guy is missing an arm, and the other one is still wearing his gas mask, not that it helped him against the zombie virus. There are other Sturmzombie sculpts, by the way, as well as other abominations in this "Incursion" army.

The Basics:
Scale- 28mm heroic
Genre- WWII, or any genre in which gas masks wouldn't be out of place (so maybe 1910 and forward?).
Material- Metal
Parts ‘N’ Bits- None- are you kidding, they don't even have all their own parts and bits!
Assembly- They actually came in one piece, and no, the poses do not look boring because of it.
Bases- 30mm lipped slotted

Sculpt- 4 brains out of 5- They are very good, but aside from the clever features mentioned, there is nothing overly dazzling about them.
Affordability- 3 brains out of 5- It looks like Grindhouse has repackaged these to only be sold in units of 6 for $28.00, instead of the pairs I bought at FRP. A little pricey, but acceptable.
Value- 3 brains out of 5- This, of course, is higher if you really love Nazi Zombies. One pack might be nice, but unless you are going all Nazi or find them on the clearance rack for at least 50% off, you probably won't go crazy on these.
Availability- 2 brains out of 5- You can still buy them from Grindhouse, FRP, and Ebay, but they're not all over the place, and most of the pairs I found on Ebay were up at more like $18/pair, which is above my threshold price for "available."

Pros: Nazi zombies, gas mask, missing limb, stuff you'll be glad you have
Cons: Not really cost efficient for massive hoardebuilding

Mutant Master by Fenryll Miniatures

I'd like to point out that FRP does not always have the best pictures for their items. So, occasionally you see something like this piece. No one believed me when I told them that this piece was awesome. Only when it came in the mail did everyone else say "Oh, that IS nice." There are a lot of great details, and the almost human cyber-zombie look makes him an awesome special guest in my zombie horde, even though his name says "Mutant."

The Basics:
Scale- Fenryll usually does 25 and 28mm, but he's closer to the height of most of my 32mm figures- that's a 40mm round base you see him on.
Genre- Post-apocalyptic? Sci-fi, maybe? Fenryl''s website is in French, but I'm told that's what they sculpt aside from fantasy.
Material- Resin- good call, considering the details
Parts ‘N’ Bits- There is an extra skull pile that comes with it, that you could add to his base or use somewhere else. And it comes with two sword options.
Assembly- Only the hands need attaching, and they're not too tricky.
Bases- This guy comes on that really nice, dynamic base (the original is a square 20mm; I put it on the round).

Sculpt- 5 brains out of 5- Lots of great details and overall really good proportions (I think- don't know any of whatever he is)
Affordability- 1 brains out of 5- If you can find one, it will probably run you about 11 bucks, which is a lot for one guy. Don't get me wrong- he's big, beautiful, and resin, but not a horde-building price (hence, the buying him on clearance).
Value- 3 brains out of 5- If you need a sci-fi "character" zombie, he's a great choice. Otherwise, he's nice to have, but not a huge value for a horde per se.
Availability- 1 brain out of 5... if that. Honestly, since I bought him, I haven't seen him anywhere. At least, nowhere with a translated website. You can probably get one, but you'll have to hunt.

Pros: Really neat unique character if you want to add a little height and interplanetary flavor
Cons: If the pros aren't pros to you, they will likely be your cons.

Rogue Necromancy by Wyrd Games

I actually bought this guy before we started doing Malifaux over here at LXG- he was our first Wyrd miniature. And boy, was it a good endorsement of their stuff. I yoinked this as soon as I saw a ZOMBIE CHIMERA at like 75% off- I got him for like four bucks! Ok, if you read the fluff, he's not a real chimera, but a construct. But who cares???

The Basics:
Scale- 32mm, not that scale matters much for a zombie chimera. It will look fine in 28mm too.
Genre- Malifaux is considered steampunk, but there are other places you could squeeze him in.
Material- Metal
Parts ‘N’ Bits- None
Assembly- Actually, for Wyrd, it is a record-breaking low of 3 pieces- you have to attach the two outside heads. Not too bad.
Bases- 50mm slotted bevelled

Sculpt- 5 brains out of 5- Beautiful, just beautiful. Really impressive for a sculpt that's several years old.
Affordability- 1 brain out of 5- Originally about $16, unless you are counting this as 4 zombies it's a bit expensive for one model.
Value- 3 brains out of 5, unless you also play Resurrectionists in Malifaux, then it's a 5. Or, unless you use miniatures to play D&D and have a crazy dungeon master that like to throw zombie monsters at you. Or, unless you really love zombie offshoots of Greek mythology.
Availability- 2 brains out of 5, and about to drop fast, because the new one is allegedly coming out THIS WEEKEND! Wait 'till you see it! (Still glad I have a copy of the old one, though.)

Pros: It's like, 4 zombies in one!
Cons: Doesn't even remotely blend in to a standard zombie horde. Not that it stopped me from wanting him. 'Cause he's gorgeous.

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