Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Post-Octopalypse week 2 WIP! It's TNT time!

   All right, I promised you some Tribal action this week, and here they are! I didn't get as far a playing a game with them last night, but they are ready! There are a couple late editions that are not as far as the rest, and there are a few more I am hoping to start in case of casualties, but there will be no gray primitives on this field. Or, white, I guess, since a lot of them are Bones models.  Don't worry; you'll get a better introduction when they are all done.

   I know that "Tribal" can mean a lot of different things, but when I was growing up on the East Coast of the US, that always meant Native American (actually, at the time, it meant American Indian, but, you know, PC changes...) Anyways, I really wanted to at least allude to a Native American style. So, I stuck mainly with models that could be reasonably wearing leather or bone. Yes, it's post-apoc, and they are wearing whatever they can find, but more or less that was the plan. I looked up naturally occurring dyes in the US, and a large percentage of them are reds, oranges, and yellows, so I used a lot of those, and variations of browns for different leathers. And, naturally, the metals are mostly silver and copper, because you always see them in Native American jewelry (modern, at least). And, of course, a pinch of turquoise.
   So, this is as far as I've gotten for now. Nobody's finished, but there's a lot of base coat going on. No, you know nobody's finished, because there's no war paint. Of course I'm doing war paint. I mean, come on. War paint.

More next week!


  1. Cool faction, nice progress dudette!

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  3. Cool looking faction! I am cobbling a similiar looking group together all female. Using the girls from Westfalia miniatures Wasteland ks, a Mad Puppet girl, Crooked Dice's Ms Lovely Day and Brother Vinni's Anna the Bonecrusher figure. I'll be addin a couple of Hasslefree Foxtrot models when they come out in metal.

    1. Nice. Yeah, as you can see, all female almost happened, but I wanted to have extra models to change out casualties, and I'm seriously using everything I have that fits. This is really my first post-apoc set, so I'm still building it.