Monday, March 18, 2013

Extreme Makeover: Warzone Edition! (Part One- The Dark Legion)

Extreme Makeover: Warzone Edition!
     While we (impatiently) wait for the launch of Warzone: Ressurection from Prodos, I thought I'd showcase a few of their new sculpts vs. the old ones, just to highlight some of the differences between the now nearly two decades old handsculpted models, and the brand new digitally sculpted kits being produced. So, let's get on with Extreme Makeover: Warzone Edition!

     Official Disclaimer: In an attempt to not show the previous edition in a negative light (it was fairly ground-breaking in its day) I have tried to compile the best images of the old models I could find. I'm sure somebody has better looking in their collections, but I did my best. In contrast, most of the new images you'll be looking at are not models, they are the 3d Renders the models will be crafted from. For those not familiar with the rendering process, the final products will look identical to the Renders, unless the sculptor decides to change the poses slightly. 

     The Dark Legion are a threat to Mankind's existence. They use a potent combination of black sorceries and alien technologies (collectively referred to as "Dark Symmetry") to pervert Mankind's greatest achievements, as well as to create armies of "converts." The Undead Legionaires are part of those converts- soldiers lost in the wars verses the Dark Legion will, sometimes, become their next assault wave. 

     The difference here is stunning, in part due to this being one of the few prepared images of the new models with paint. Agis Neugebauer did a great job on these guys. 

     The Razide are the biomechanical enforcers of the Dark Legion. A composite of living, dead, inorganic materials,these guys are big, powerful, and very hard to kill. The new sculpt demonstrates the physical prowess by holding a Nazgaroth (a burst-firing heavy weapon) extended in one hand.  The "Naz" itself is greatly improved in appearance. These guys are monstrocities, able to absorb enough incoming fire to level a small fire team, and dishing out a ton of pain either in close combat or ranged. 

     Alakhai is the Nepharite Overlord serving the Dark Apostle Algaroth for the Dark Legion force. He is one of the most physically powerful individuals in the game, and has exchanged his dimwitted troll look for something just a little more imposing. The armor remains very true to the original piece, however the boots and organic features are far improved.  This guy is a bruiser, pure and simple. In previous renditions of the game he ate tanks for breakfast on the table. A total crusher. I'm really looking forward to finding out what his stats are this time around. 

     If you want a rundown of reasons to support this Kickstarter, go read this really quickly. If you're already pledged, discuss why below!

     By the way, here's a closing shot of Big Jim's old Necromutants. Mostly because he is The MAN and I can't  wait to see what he does when he gets new ones. Hopefully it'll be more time painting, and less time pointing out my mistakes! Check out his blog too- much good stuff on fire there!

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  1. You do realize that you are comparing old Necromutants to the new Legionaries right?

    These are the old Legionaries:

    BTW those Necromutants looks awfully familiar! :P


    1. what.. what mistake... where... LOOK OVER THERE VALKYRIES SHOWERING! *hurried edit*