Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kickwatcher: Something's movin' in the Shadows!

     Okay, so today's installment is a local story, a classic Philadelphia-style tale of triumph over adversity. 

     Alright... maybe not as classic as Rocky. Sit down, enjoy your cheesesteak provolone wit, and keep reading anyway.

    The year is 2007, and a gamer has a plan. A plan to make the best, most bone chilling horror-themed TTG ever. His setting is unique, his ruleset cutting edge, and he is prepared to launch into the market with a home-made, high quality product in a genre sadly represented and under appreciated in the wargaming universe. A game which solidly maintains it's "18 and over" warning label not due to over-the-top "can't show these to Grandma" models, but due to tight writing in a fashion that would make Clive Barker smile and nod knowingly. If you don't believe me consider this: Belgarath97 got freaked out by the backstory for this cute little pencilsketch.

     But then, as is classic in many a Philadelphia story, life gets in the way. The cutting edge horror game is forced to take a backseat to day to day issues, and all assume it is dead forever.

     Foolish mortals! You can't keep a good game down that easily! It's now 2013, and true to it's ficion, Spinespur rises from the grave! The OG of the project (that's "Original Gamedesigner, btw) has launched a kickstarter to fully bring this hellspawned beast into creation.  This time, however, he's not alone. Bob Mervine of Comfy Chair Games. has contacted two well-known and well-represented sculptors to breathe life into the project: Patrick Keith of Bombshell Babes fame, Tim Prow who has, I think, worked on every awesome project involving sculpting since the Dawn of Time. No lie, he might have been responsible for making Adam out of clay. 


This is an awesome project that I'm personally really happy to see get another go. Unique gamesplay. Specific "horror flavor" mechanics. The backstory is wonderful. Don't take my word for it though. Go check out the kickstarter. Pledge in, and tell Bob that the Second Class Elitist sent ya.  Then tune in next week when I give you an exclusive rundown of the rules for Spinespur. Who knows? Maybe you'll get to be across the table from me at some point... which would be a good thing, my stuff looks good dying, and dies like that's its job!

Spinespur has survived...but will you survive Spinespur?

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