Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spinespur Kickstarter Contest Update #1

Just some of our beautiful and disturbing models.

     Alright everyone, I just received the prize models from Bob. As luck would have it, we have a bit of an added surprise.

     Those of you with keenly trained eyes (or reading comprehension skills) are no doubt aware there is an additional two models in there. I "accidentally" acquired a pair of Chainsaw Thugs from Bob as well- they will be added to the giveaway if we hit the $13K stretch goal.


     So now these models need to be built and painted, and I'm opening this up everyone who has a chance to win them: what would you like to see? What weapons? What looks? Basing ideas? Color Schemes? Blood-splattered or clean/ I don't mind a little converting if need be, throw ideas at me and I'll tell you if it's too much! Toss some ideas in the comments below and I'll get right these!


  1. I would like to see something with that football helmet on one of the thugs... Maybe the clown head on the other.

    1. I was thinking the clown head on a chainsaw thug... it'll allow me to write "Mister Happy" of the chainsaw... you like?

      As far as the football helmet... do you have a preferred body? or weapon to go with it? Or a favorite team's helmet you'd prefer to see?

  2. Alabama Crimson tide, Crimson helmet, grey facemask, white numerals. I am not familiar with what weapons go with it. A chainsaw also?

    Is he like the flyers guy you did? Do a sweatshirt similar?

  3. or a Dallas cowboys helmet would be cool too.

    I saw one of the thugs has a leather jacket... Maybe do a "T-birds" on the back of it for a Grease reference. :D

  4. Weapon options are: lead pipe, baseball bat, fireman's ax, sword, Machete, sledgehammer all x8 available. 2 chainsaws, one of which will be "Mr. Happy."

    I like the idea of the Cowboys helmet. As a lifelong Steelers fan, I look forward to murderfacing that f*cker.

  5. LOL.. As a cowboys fan, I would feel like murderfacing him also, because we suck now. I love the clown Mr. Happy. I hope you stick with the cowboys helmet. That will be awesome.

    I like the leadpipe for t-Bird also. Punks in leather jackets are required by law to have them. I read your other articles and like the write up. Someone has to have an axe, a good thug in a survival horror game, I think it is part of the Geneva convention.