Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spinespur Contest Update #6- Finished Models, and a Winner!

 We have a collection of finished models, and we know who their new owner is!  The Spinespur Kickstarter Painted Gang Contest is... OVER!

     Congratulations to Kyle Frasier! These bad boys are officially yours!  As I'm sure you're aware, they are still on bottlecaps instead of bases.  That's because I wanted to wait until we finished up the contest and found a winner so we could discuss things like basing options, wether or not to add blood/gore/viscera or keep them clean, and what not.  So, whenever you get a chance Kyle, fire us off an email and I'll get in touch with you from there!

     Caretaker came up well I think. Very dynamic for a model entirely painted in neutrals...

     Bane Thug's face and clothing came up well, although his belt in this photo looks very lacking, so I might go in an update that if you want Kyle.

    The Albino Cerebeast came up nicely, with the flesh tone showing some great musculature.
    Convict has a good texture.  You'll note his prison number is 0121... a reminder of the total number of backers for the Kickstarter.  Now all of us can live in infamy!

     I honestly can't tell if Dallas came up well or not... because every time I look at him I want to smash him with a black and gold hammer.  (Which, by the way, I do own one...) So I'll leave it up to you guys how he looks... BTW Kyle, I hope you're local... 'cause I'd love to bury this guy in a game sometime!

    Flannel was hard to paint... but I try to put a little bit of plaid or tartan in every project I work on... it keeps me in practice as it were.  Who knows, Prodos might have a Chronopia project in about a year, so I've gotta get back in practice!

    Ahhh, the big boy.  He was actually harder to photograph than he was to paint! Not a single flat surface to focus the automark on.  Kyle- the gravestones are still unmarked on purpose... let me know whose names you want on them! :-)

    And here's Rollntider's personal request... a Fabulous Thunderbird!  A little tricky to do since writing in White is sloppy, so I had to lay down a white field and reduce around the letters... but it came up aces.  Rock and Roll will never die!  (Kyle, let me know if you want the glasses classic black rockers, or silver for mirrored.)

 Here comes Mister Happy! Turn that frown upside down, or he'll carve a new one into you!
      Some people come to Spinespur and find a living hell.... 'Nam here came to Spinespur because he was already in one.
      I figured you can't have a con without a cop, and the idea of a guy in a SWAT outfit with a large blunt weapon just hit my humor bone.  I didn't realize until afterwards that they both used the same body... but I can deal with that.

     And then there's Treef*cker, the Death Hippy.  I had a couple people over when I was painting him, and the tie-dyed paintjob got a rousing response of  "F*ck you, I quit!" from everyone, so I know it looks good...

     Yamaha I wasn't as happy with as I thought... but all in all he came up okay. If you want him changed to anything else Kyle, I don't mind.  Also, let me know if you want his visor black gloss, or high metal to resemble mirrored.  Either is really easy to finish up.

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