Monday, April 1, 2013

A Journey into Dark Age: My First List

Ok, it's been a about a week and a half since I declared my intention to pursue the March to Immortality tournament invitation.  In that week and a half I have been deciding what army to run, and trying to come up with a list.  One of the hardest parts of deciding on an army is that I want to do them all.  I love models in all the ranges, and the stories of St. Mary and the Brood really appealed to me.  The Dragyri models are beautiful, and I love the imagery they are using for the Kukulkani.  But in the end I chose the Skarrd.  I chose the Skarrd for two reasons, there are models I like in the range, like the Blood Mistress, the Harpies, and the Sister of Charity.  My second reason has to be the story of how they became what they are.

Once I decided on which force to use, I needed to decide if I wanted to run a specific cult or not.  This choice was surprisingly easy, as the models I like the most tended to be in the Blood Cult.  Those of you who know me, the models and their quality matter a great deal to me.  I will constantly make
choices others consider sub-optimal because either the story of the unit or the model itself appeals to me.

With those choices made, I then set about writing a 500 point list.  Below is the list I came up with, and why I made that choice.

1. Father Mayhem - The leader of the Blood Cult, with an awesome model, and from everything I've read a beast in combat.

2. Golab - I love this model.  That is all.

3. Fetish Bearer - A controversial choice.  I've seen alot of conversation that this model isn't worth his points, but I've also seen enough people defend it, that I am convinced that this a good support choice.

4. 3 Blood Mistress - I believe I mentioned I love these models, also this is a Blood Cult list, so having the Blood Cult troopers makes sense.  Lastly, the bleed ability is the only defense my list will have against Regeneration.

5. 2 Buzz Blades with Blood Reign - Buzz Blades are the basic troops of Skarrd, and with Blood Reign I am able to add another model with the bleed ability.

So there is my 500 point list, I welcome any comments on it's construction.  Next up will be my first painted model, Golab.  Until then...



  1. I have 500 points of Dragyri. I have a table. When are we gonna play?

  2. But I'd feel really bad about destorying your pretty models.

    1. One should never feel bad about slaughtering slaves, that is what they are there for. And the pretty, graceful and wonderful True Born have nothing to fear.

    2. Nothing but Skarrd drinking their blood and eating their flesh, wearing their skin, and having their way with the bodies. And if you are very, very lucky they'll do it in that order.