Monday, April 22, 2013

Tablescapes Passes 140k

So I posted a very hasty story about Secret Weapon's TableScapes project passing 130k on Thursday.  I was preparing for a weekend long camping trip and rushed it a bit more that I wanted to.  But the project continued to chug along this weekend and has crossed the $140k mark.  And even though Secret Weapon was at Adepticon they posted an update...

I personally have never been to Adepticon.  It's on my list of things to do before I die, but it hasn't happened yet.  The closest experience I have is GenCon.  From what I've heard they are different but similar.  One of the similarities is the fact that they never seem to stop for the entire duration.  It doesn't matter what time it is, there is something to do.  It seems that Secret Weapon had sleepless nights between holding hobby classes and showing off their TableScapes samples.   The photo to the right display they had at their booth.

I don't know about the rest of you, but the more I see of these tiles, the more excited I get about them.  I mean there are going to be 16 unique 1'x1' tiles for each main set.  To understand why that is such a big deal take a look at the picture below:

 Why is that a big deal?  How many of you realized that was the same tile 4 times?  The detail of these tiles means that every time you set up this table it will look different, and it will look awesome.  Secret Weapon is not playing around.

The only other major factor to consider is cost, so let's take money.  $50 will get you a display board of 4 select tiles to showcase the theme.  $150 gets you a 4'x4' complete set.  Want a 4'x6' table?  Add $40 and you will get the 16 tiles of a full set and 8 random tiles.  Of course the real deals start if you have friends.  For example, for $250 you get 2 complete sets of 16 tiles, grab a friend and you each have a table for $125.  Or do what 2CE, Odinfellhammer, and I are doing.  2CE and I both want 4'x6' boards and Odin wants a 4'x4' one, so we pledged at the $475 mark.  That way 2CE and I get our boards for $178.13 and Odin gets his for $118.75.  If you have a group of 4, you each get a board at this level for $118.75.  I am unaware of any way to get this quality of board for less, if you are please comment below.  Until then...


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