Friday, April 12, 2013

Kickwatcher: Modular Table from Secret Weapon Miniatures

Ok, today Secret Weapon Miniatures launched a Kickstarter that really blew my mind.  A line of injection molded plastic tiles that are used to make a gaming table.  I am only aware of one other such product, and I think Secret Weapon is going to really compete for the market.

Here is the announcement on the Kickstarter:

Tablescapes is an injection molded plastic 12x12" tile set designed to give tabletop gamers themed gaming environments that are fully compatible with new and existing terrain and basing options from Secret Weapon Miniatures. Our initial offering, "Scrap Yard," will give you the ability to put your army on "Scrap Yard" bases, set them on a "Scrap Yard" table, and surround them with "Scrap Yard" terrain -- giving you a completely integrated, unified theme for your gaming experience.

So let's go over that again, 12"x12" tiles.  So in a 4'x4' table that is over 200 layout options, in a 4'x6' over 500, and at 4'x8' over 1000!  The level of game to game variation is unparalleled!

The initial offering is "Scrap Yard", complete with bases and terrain to match.  Excuse me?  Yep, they are not only making tables, they have created specialty bases and terrain designed fit thematically with the table.  Oh and in case you missed it, "Scrap Yard" is the initial offering.  The plan is to have multiple themed boards, with terrain and base support.  Sounds to me like Secret Weapon is serious about making themselves the premier location of modular boards.

They have at least 4 fully themed boards planed, "Scrap Yard" perfect for any war torn land scape, Urban Streets: which have some rubbled urban areas and whole ones should be great urban games like, I don't know, one horror based game that we love to play.  They also have Ruined Temple and Trench Works planned.  Combined with that they are going to release 2 generic sets "Generic Fields" and "Lost Desert".  Sounds like no matter what game you are playing, they will have you covered.

I know I'm excited by this news, and if you are to: get over to the Kickstarter and pledge.  The more we pledge the more themes we'll get at launch.  Until next time...


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