Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Enough Negativity- Prodos make me happy again!

     So, rather than spending any more brainpower on why and how other wargaming companies are beating their own supporters with legal sticks, let's look at some new eye candy from Prodos!

     No, the Kickstarter isn't still going on.  No, they haven't shipped everything out yet.  So, then, why am I writing another article on Warzone?  

     Because they're still releasing things and making more models, even before their actual launch date.

     Yes, you heard me right.  A company that is releasing models not just as stretch goals for a super-inflated kickstarter.  A company not just sitting back and collecting money from the wargaming community, pruning our collective wallets like we owe them something for the satisfaction of supporting their quarter million dollar bonuses.  A company producing even more beautiful models during a period when nobody would expect them to... because a wargaming company should first and foremost make models.  

     I've already gone into some of the post- kickstarter releases Prodos has churned out here. Well, it appears they weren't done.  Two more beautiful kits have shown up for the Dark Legion.

     The first is this monstrosity .. a Dark Legion Centurion riding an armored landshark.  Sweet Jervis that thing looks awesome.  Now, there was mention of these in the pipeline during the Kickstarter, and let me tell you, not in my darkest fears did I imagine they'd look this good.  This model was nearly enough to make me switch what I'm working on first.  

     The second offering is a variant on the Praetorian Stalker.  This one was also discussed during the Kickstarter and slightly afterwards.  Originally in the fluff, Stalkers worked in pairs, generally with a ranged and a close combat specialist.  No word yet on if the new ones will be "a unit of ranged only" and "a unit of close combat only" or if mixed units will occur...  we'll have to wait a little longer to find out those details. 

     You can head on over to the Prodos website and start racking these things up in your  cart in their webstore at a nice little pre-release discount.  You might as well start shopping now, because Prodos at this rate might have another dozen units of soldierdolls available by the time the launch date occurs!

Also, whatever you do, don't forget to set your clocks for DOOMTROOPER RADIO, coming to you with another live podcast on May 19th! Big Jim and Carl will once again have Mark Rapson live to discuss the nature of the post-Kickstarter launch, how little sleep he's been getting, and where Jarek keeps the time inversion machine that allows him to keep cranking these things out when nobody's looking.  Make sure you also hit up DR's new Facebook Page. Who knows, if you drop them a question they might just be able to sneak it in for you! 

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  1. I'm waiting the new episode of Doomtrooper radio! We now all waiting for news for post KS lauch, and some info about the book and rules.
    For the DL cavalry I was not happy with the head at first (too much Dark eden Templar for me) but they have 3 others optional ones which are much more DL feeling. It's really nice because every new 'final' renders show us we gonna have some pretty good bits in each box. I can't way to glue on my models!!!!!