Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dwarven Forge Breaks the $1M Mark!

     It seems like just yesterday we were talking about this project breaking $825K... when in reality it was all of four days ago.  In four days Game Tiles picked up another $200K, and Dwarven Forge had to add another stretch goal! The question isn't "if" that one will fall, but "when" and "what comes next?"

      With five days left, how far this thing is going to go is anybody's guess.  I can tell you right now, Jeff and Stefan are blown away with the reception this project is getting.  In all honesty they shouldn't be- this is an amazing product at an incredibly affordable price, and if you let this one slip past, you're going to regret it.  There's five days left, so now's the time to back this Kickstarter while you still can! 

     Alright, so what did this latest and greatest stretch goal to fall mean for backers?  Well, first of all, you just got more free goodies- and who doesn't like free?  Add one heaping mound of treasure per kit you ordered to the list of booty you've already plundered.  These nicely shaped mounds of treasure will be- like the rest of this project- easy to paint to a serviceable level, but a true craftsman will be able to pick out individual gems and coins to really turn this into a work of art. Well, at least two works of art, since you have to be pledged at the "2 kit minimum" to get the unlocked stuff.  (By the way, if you're still only at one... why?  Really... why?  The free stuff alone is worth bumping your pledge up, in addition to the kit- you're almost tripling your tiles, and not even doubling your pledge!) 

     Not only did that happen, but the Dungeon Dressing Pack will now be purchasable as an add-on.  And this, my friends, was an add-on I was waiting for since it was announced.  This one is nice:
  1. A half-wall height "lower stair" section (pictured)
  2. A taller "upper stair" section with a "cellar door" (pictured)
  3. A floor tile with concealed pit (pictured)
  4. A swinging secret door wall tile- Yes, you read that right, the freaking door actually swings open from the wall! (pictured) 
  5. 2 narrow doors
  6. 2 cell doors
  7. 1 "Dwarven Door".  I have no clue what it looks like, although my unfounded hope is that it has a bearded "Stefan Face" on it...
  8. A broken door
  9. A Metal Door
  10. A Portcullis
  11. 2 Tables
  12. 2 Benches
  13. 4 Chairs
  14. 2 Beds
  15. 2 Chests
     Okay... that'd be a lot of stuff to pick up on its own... and you get all that for the add-on price of $45 for the first add-on, or a total of $70 for two (meanign each of the add-ons are only $35 if you buy two at a time- mix and match even!)  So let's face it guys, how much would it cost you to buy all that on it's own?  Let alone you're getting a couple more wall and floor panels, let alone getting the stairs section which is almost a requirement for multi-level dungeoning or really awesome diorama setups.  And that's not counting the KUNG FU ACTION SECRET DOOR!!!   (Okay, I know I'm going overboard on this one... but I didn't know the friggin' thing was going to be operational... that's just too cool for words!)

     What's up next for this Kickstarter, you ask?  At the $1,100,000 mark (which, by the way, I almost expect will happen by the time I wake up tomorrow...) every "2 kit minimum" backer will receive a "half-stair" piece for each set they're pledged for.  They are perfectly sized to allow you to make raised platforms (altars spring to mind...) by stacking 2 floor tiles or the larger add-on floor plates on top of each other, and placing these stairs against it to level to the riser.  I imagine if you really wanted to make a staircase out of these, and put in for 6-10 kits, that'd look impressive too.  (If someone does that, I so want pictures!)  No words about further add-on packs as of yet.... maybe we could push that out for a $1,250,000 goal, gentlemen?

     If you're unsure just how this Kickstarter can benefit a table topper, you need to read this, because not only did I lay it out for you, I gave you the math on the table sizes to boot.  Aside from the joys of dioramas, army displays, or the occasional RPG breaking out, this set will make an amazing table to play on, with unlimited versatility, and more durable than any single piece of terrain or miniature you're going to be putting onto it, guaranteed.  This one is with you for life, ladies and gentlemen.

     Go back this Kickstarter, you won't be sorry!


  1. I wonder if you could use this as a "sewer" in spinespur

  2. Oh, I'm planning on it... :-) I even have these little metal ladders I'm going to use to show where the manhole covers come out onto my urban table.

    But why stop there? Remember the scenario where you have to go into the Institute to free a team-mate? Well, now you have a bunch of walls and rooms... okay, maybe not as pristine as the Institute should be, but maybe we're in the basement...

    Maybe we're inside the Cathedral of the Dark Faith, winding our way through the Catacombs that are littered with Torn...

    There's a wealth of possibilities for this kit!