Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dwarven Forge Kickstarter surpasses $825k

     Our friends at Dwarven Forge are burying one stretch goal after another.  Can they finish out the two "impossible goals" they have left in the next ten days?  If so, what comes next?


      Dungeon Tiles has surpassed the $825 mark, meaning all backers at the "2 kit" level or higher will now also be receiving an additional free piece- a wall with a "firing window" built in.  This makes the project much more viable as a terrrain option from a TTG standpoint, as this means you can have windows and doors to make ground floors of buildings- or even glue sections together to create entire buildings should you choose.  You have walls, floors, doors, windows, and pillars, so combining those panels into building structures wouldn't be difficult.

     In addition, this means only two stretch goals remain, with ten days left to go:

  • $900K all "2 kit" backers receive free barrells as a thank-you, and a "floor section" kit is  nlocked.  Now personally, while I like the look of the area panel... I'm on the fence on this one.  Why?  The add-on is $45 (assuming no difference in price from the others) to cover the same area as 30 floor plates.  (6 floor plates per area tile, five to a kit) For $20 more max, less if you're adding to an already higher kit level, you get a whole additional set- which including the unlocked bonuses nets you a lot more coverage, if only 18 of that is floor plates.  I guess it comes down to your own personal needs...  and for the record I was one of the guys asking for such an option (to make table design possible with larger open areas).  Not a bad add-on kit, just didn't grab me- although the add-on is the only way currently to get "stairway tiles", so that's a bonus.
  • The all-impressing, all-inspiring 1 Million Dollar Mark.  All "2 kit" backers will receive Treasure Piles as a free thank you.  As these have always been some of my favorite little pieces of dungeon doohickery produced inthe past by Dwarven Forge, I'm really excited to see what these look like.  Additionally, a "Dungeon Dressing" pack will unlock.  Again, very interested- Dwarven Forge has always had some of the best looking dressing pieces on the market, and those little things are what really adds to suspension of disbelief- not to mention adding tremendous amounts of scatter terrain options.  

So.... ten days to go, only two goals left.  Will we see more from Dwarven Forge to stoke the furnaces up even higher, or will this thing top out at 1 Million?  

Oh, btw... watch this video.  I was pretty sure I'd be able to break these suckers once I got them... and then I saw the "Dwarvenite vs Redneck" test....  you guys win.  This stuff is incredible.  

See you on the other side of the table!

The Second Class Elitist

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