Friday, April 5, 2013

Warzone Resurrection tops £95K! Future Releases news leaked!

Image-234399-full     The Warzone:Resurrection Kickstarter from Prodos Games has just topped £95,000. This means that the Capitol vehicle, the Orca, will be launched at release.  This means how there are five fully playable factions, all with vehicle support.  All at launch.  This is an unprecedented release schedule... but what's to come?

Image-235357-full     Prodos is pushing hard these last two weeks of its Kickstarter, getting some really good publicity (and not from just LXG!) They've been covered over at Beasts of War twice, as well as a number of other gaming blogs and forums.  Mark Rapos has positioned the company to take this much-loved, oft-bemoaned licensing into a serious place of contention in the wargaming industry. 

Image-231916-full     So, where does this place the Kickstarter?  At more than 270% of it's goal, and still tracking to break £110k before it expires.  The next stretch goals are a little bit softer, but then again there's only so much we can hope for, right?  Both £100k and £110k would each see the release of one more Hero (to be voted on and determined by their Forum Community (did I mention that Prodos listens to us and wants feedback?), but more importantly for soldier hoarders is a -£1 price reduction to add-ons for both goals.  Hitting both of those combined with the discounts already achieved, would seriously lower prices across the board.... potentially pulling in the "hoarder dollars" that have been mostly absent so far.  Yes, folks, you heard right: Warzone is just shy of six figures (already well over six if you translate it into dollars) without the "mass models on the cheap" appeal that Zombicide, Bones, and other recent super-kickstarters have had.  That means nearly 700 backers who actually intend to play the game. Getting in on this one means getting in on something you'll actually be able to play!

Image-232739-full     Alright, so, in ten days, where does that leave us?  Well, I've got some news for everyone... this is only the tip of the iceberg.  There's a lot more to come after this!   First of all, I got wind of a "rumor" that there will be at least one Warzone Podcast starting up in the near future... from a name you will all likely recognize from podcasts devoted to "other wargaming companies." I'm not going to drop more than that though, because I want him to be able to break the news on his own time (although I wouldn't mind being the source for it, hint hint). Secondly, today we received this little nugget of joy from Jarek, the Lead Game Desginer over at Prodos:

"Bear in mind, at this moment in time we have approximately 46 units designed and ready to go! But the master plan is to have more than 250 units between all factions within the next 12 months."

Image-232286-full     Wha wha WHAT!?!?!?!  Even taking out the 45+ units over the next 2 months at release, that means a release schedule of about 20 units a month!!!  Does this mean further Kickstarters are in the wings for Imperial and Mishima?  Or perhaps "Five units from each faction and a new book" Kickstarters on a regular basis? Will Prodos forego Kickstarting with their future projects and just go straight to release?  Not to mention....  250 individual kits over a year???  Prodos isn't playing around here, people.  Warzone is back. In a major way.  It's time to get involved with the best game you've never played. There's ten days left in the Kickstarter. Get in it. I'll see you on the other side of the table.

The Second Class Elitist


  1. is this a skirmish or squad based game?

    1. Warzone is actually *both*. Games can allegedly be played by as little as one starter box (which comes with a unit, a big guy, and a hero) all the way up to multi-squad army-style play. Go give the kickstarter a look!