Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spinespur Contest Update #5- Deadline & Paintjobs!

     Well, the Kickstarter has entered the "post payment" stage now, so it's about time I get these guys polished up! Also, we set a deadline for getting your name on the list.  

     For those of you who backed the Kickstarter for $65 or more, all you have to do is go here and put your name in the comment screen. (While you're there, you can take a minute to read the article, we won't mind, honest.) The deadline for entry will be this Saturday at 11:59 PM Eastern.  Once my clock says Sunday, you're out of luck! So don't delay!                              

     So, Tree-f*cker came up really, really well.  He's going to be another tricky one to photograph as my camera can't find his shirt! This one is a little blurry, but I think you can get the idea. That blur on his steel mask is a peace sign.... written in blood.  Somebody else's.  Yup, he belongs here. 

     Mr. Happy I'm really pleased with... the clown looks decidedly twisted,  and the smiley face on the back of the wife-beater just seals the whole thing for me. 

      'Nam is basically done, just needing some lens work on the eyes and highlighting on the mask.
      "Prisoner #121" with an aluminum bat (only slightly pictured) will need some additional work, but is coming along well.  His number (which will be on the jumper) signifies the number of Backers in the Kickstarter.... a nice memento once all this is history.  

      Our Cowboy Fan needs pants and a coat still.... he's kinda hard to work one... at least with a brush. I'm pretty sure if I tried applying the paint with a ball-peen hammer I could finish him up quicker!

     This guy is a pretty good amount of conversion, so I hope people are happy with him.  It's the "gas mask headed thug" with the gas mask removed, and a bald masked head added.  Does he kinda look like anyone to you guys???  Only when you have commented on the blog, only then, do you have my permission to die...

     Yamaha is still a WiP, but is coming along now that I picked colors... well, sorta picked colors.  I'm not entirely sold on them.  If anyone has a better scheme, let me know.

     I went back in and brought up the skin on the Cerebeast a bit more... and I'm happy with it.  It has a very good "albino" look to it now.  The teeth and nails need some polish (see what I did there? Twice? I'm a goddamned GENIUS!) but otherwise he's pretty much done.

     And that brings us to a photo of the whole family.  Eight thugs, 2 chainsaw thugs, Caretaker, the Grave Golem, and the Cerebeast.... all one happy family looking for a new home.  Could it be yours?  It might be!  Anything else you'd like to see done on these guys please leave comments below.  

     See you on the other side of the (painting) table.

The Second Class Elitist. 


  1. Looking great, someone is going to be real happy next week!

  2. When will we know who won? I want to know how long I can dream about winning, until my hopes get shattered :D Good luck to everyone.

    1. Bob has apparently had some delays getting all the information from Kickstarter... which talking to a couple other KS organizers seems to happen from time to time. We've got the list of people compiled for the contest from our side, as soon as Bob can verify their pledge values (I'm sure they're all legit though!) we can go ahead and declare a winner. Keep an eye out for an update on the models this weekend as well!