Saturday, April 6, 2013

Game Accessories Galore!

So there is this company, see.  They make all kinds of accessories for gaming, C.  From custom tokens, to terrain features, to all kinds of hobby nicknacks, sea.  Crap, I've run out of ways to say see (or C, or sea).  Anyway this company has been around for a few years, and I've supported them in the past.  So today I'm going to feature some things they have, that you might be interested in.

For those of us that use games that are better played with movement trays, they make a great many kinds.  For models of various shapes and sizes.  Most can be customized to accommodate the formations you want.  Block formations for only $2.99US is hard to beat.  They even have rank trays for round based models.  Honestly, if you have a call for movement trays, they have what you need.  Give them a look here, and see for yourself.

Raise your hand if you've considered magnetizing your bases.  (Raises hand)  Right so even if we've never done it ourselves we've all at least heard of someone who did.  There are a slew of companies out there that sell magnets.  Litko sells pre-cut self adhesive magnets.  These are cut from a magnetic sheet, and all you have to do is peel off the paper covering the adhesive, and stick it to the bottom of the base.  These aren't as strong as a rare earth, but are easily strong enough to hold a model at a 45 degree angle.  I know I've done it.  They will hold plastic completely inverted.  Oh and they come in square, rectangle, circular, hexagon, oval, octagon, and pills. Sized in both inches and millimeters, and in all kinds of sizes.

The last thing I'm going to point out about Litko is they make custom tokens.  They have some that come with stands, all kinds of shapes, and they will customize the text.  Custom 20 allows you to make 20 custom tokens all of different shapes, colors and text.  You can make your own set.  If you need a bunch of one kind, you can get them all done as a set for less.  I'm going to get a set of tokens made up for my Dark Age: Skarrd.  That way all the effects can have a custom token.  I know I'm weird.  Below are some pictures of custom stuff they have done.  Until next time...


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