Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spinespur Contest Update #4- Thug Life!

Spinespur Book 1: Threshold
     Just wanted to give you guys an update on where the Spinespur Contest thugs are at the moment.  They're coming along nicely, although obviously a bit more input wouldn't hurt.  Remember guys that the Kickstarter ends in two days, so get in there, pledge, and try to win these babies!

      So, let's start with the guys that only make it in if the Kickstarter hits $13,000.  That'd be the chainsaw thugs.  The guy on the left at the moment is still a blank slate, aside from his steel mask he'll have.  TokenGamerChic had an idea of him wearing jeans and a tie-dyed shirt, kinda like an anti-hippy ("Treef*cker"). What do you guys think? Mr Happy is coming along well, and will be ready for maniacal glee shortly.

     Our two suggestions from  rollntider are shaping up- the Cowboys fan and the Thunderbird. Neither one are even near completion yet, but their colors are coming along well.
     These two I just kinda cooked up looking at the pieces. The one on the left looks like a solid escaped convict that would look nice with Redemptionists, the one on the right is the baseball wielding  gas mask wearing guy with a bit of a conversion.  Have a ninja sword.  He's going to be in fatigues.  We've nicknamed him "'Nam." 

     And that brings us to these guys. "Yamaha" has been primed but that's about it.  The other three I still have no clue on.  Any suggestions guys?  

     If you want to see some images of the Grave Golem, the Caretaker, and the Cerebeast, check them out over here.  If you haven't yet pledged for the kickstarter, time's a-wastin' speedy! Get over there and put in your duckets. Remember the Spinespur Contest models will go to one randomly determined backer pledging $65 or more who have also registered a comment on this page.  Don't miss out, these guys are gonna look great!

The Second Class Elitist


  1. I am for anything that is anti-hippie. And a crazy Vietnam vet is perfect for SpineSpur... I may have to steal that idea for one of my own thugs...

    1. You never know, you might even win this one... ;-)