Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dropzone Commander announces new terrain option!

So the biggest gripe I've heard about Dropzone Commander is the scale.  No one I know owns appropriately scaled terrain.  The 10mm scale has traditionally been the purview of historical gaming, and DZC is not historical.  Hawkwargames has had a resin based terrain system to make cityscapes, but unless you are sure, they can be cost prohibitive.  Enter the new cityscape terrain box from Hawkwargames.

Hawkwargames is addressing everyone's concern over the cost to build a table that is more that books and cups.  They are providing the community with a 10mm scale cityscape at the ridiculously cheap price of 30 pounds.  That's 45 dollars for us on this side of the pond.  I'll repeat that, a full table for $45.  If you can do better I'll eat my hat.  Here are the details:

A customisable 6' x 4' Battlefield in a box
10mm Scale
Box contains:

20 x Card buildings (pre-cut, pre-folded, 20 designs, 615 micron)
24 x Card ground tiles, double sided (1'x1', 24 face designs, 380 micron)
Build a Complete Urban Battlefield!

- All the scenery you need for large games of DZC (6' x 4' table)
- Can be built to 4' x 4' size, suitable for most standard DZC games
- Double sided 1' x 1' ground tiles provide customisable surface
- 24 Ground tile face designs allow for thousands of combinations!
- 20 Different card buildings in 5 sizes - vibrant, coated finish
- Pre-prepared buildings allow for fast assembly - no cutting required
- Multiple sets can be combined easily to create massive game boards!
- Compatible with highly detailed resin parts and free to download self-print scenery (available here)
- Flat, rigid base surface recommended (e.g. tabletop, foamcore, MDF or plywood)
- You can glue or tape ground tiles down once you have determined your optimum layout for maximum solidity.
So there you have it.  This box is available for preorder and releases next Friday April 19th.  I know that 2CE and I are planing to get one, as it's really hard to pass on a full table for $45.  If you have thought about this game, and the scale has held you up, here is your answer.  Well I hope you are as excited by this development as me.  Until next time....


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