Sunday, April 14, 2013

Secret Weapon's Scrap Yard is go!

So Secret Weapon's modular table is a success.  If you haven't read my article a few days ago, it's here.  In about 3 days they have beaten their goal of $80,000 by a whopping 15k (as of this writing).  These guys have challenged the status quo that there is no market for prefabricated tables.  So no begins the wonderful journey of unlocking new themes.  Next up Urban Streets.
First Secret Weapon put up the renders of the Scrap Yard tles.  Thare all fairly flet with low relief, with a notable exception.  The fourth picture is a hill tile.

Urban Streets are currently being worked up by the designers, but the concepts are done, and here is the skinny.  50% of the tiles will be clean streets, all our Spinespur readers should be jumping up and down in excitement now.  25% will be damaged, with cracked asphalt and sidewalks etc.  And the last 25% are ruined, and now I know some Dark Age folks who should be jumping up and down about the idea of ruined city tables.  The plan is to make 2 expansion sets of just clean and damaged tiles.  Oh, to all our Warzone readers, if you can't see the advantages here, you might need glasses, cause both sets fit the genre perfectly.

Of course, Urban Streets will be supported with terrain options and bases.  With designs for concrete barriers that line up like the "scrap yard" walls, as well as scatter terrain (picutres below), and the K-Rails they all ready sell, I think the streets will be an interesting place to play.

So if you haven't pledged yet, get on it.  Now lets get Urban Streets so we can start working on the first generic expansion set, and then Ruined Temple, which might be the one I'm most excited for.  Until next time...


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