Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Kickstarter, and New European Correspondent!

As a regular feature we plan to offer Guest Writer Wednesdays- an opportunity to read something from one of our many fans, blogger friends, and fellow gamers.  Sometimes this feature will be about their local game meta, sometimes their own hobby or hobby techniques, sometimes tactica, and sometimes upcoming product- really anything that they want to tell us about.  LXG is about sharing our hobby, and Guest Writer Wednesdays is a great way to share.  If you are interested in submitting something for GWW, just send us an email.

Today's Guest Writer is Panzerphillou, our first European Correspondent!  This is his article on a current Kickstarter for a product named "By Fire and Sword," a historical tactical game.  It's good stuff, give it a read!

Among the numerous Kickstarters which exist at the moment, I would want to highlight you a very favorite, By fire and Sword.

What’re we talking about? A very original historical game. Yes I know sometimes historical game are just – let’s face this – boring. You move line of models without any means to overleap your opponent, rules sets are full of sheet (pun intended), games take hours. But this one is a very very special one.

First the background centers on the war in the Eastern Europe between Poland and their numerous foes during 17th century. Art of war at those place and time, even in Pike & Shoot era, favored movement and ascendancy of cavalries (playground are the immense Ukrainians plains). So no more almost no-existent movement phase, it’s time to have some cunning plans!

Second the models are just fantastic, and original: you can play of course the famous polish winged hussar, aka “the wings of Death” (because they never stop an assault until their foes or themselves meet their demise), but Swedish, Ottomans, Tatars, Cossaks… 6 different factions with their own nations rules and units, and the first supplement (“Deluge”) will bring 3 brand news, with among them Imperial from Holy German Empire.

The game has existed since the end of 2011 in Poland and dashed on KS to finance its English translation. I discovered this game during the European Team Championship 2012 on a stand(run by the designer of the game!) Nice boxes and a awesome book (more on that later) catches my eye, we start to talk (he’s a very nice and full of knowledge) and before the end of the competition, I bring several boxes home, waiting for rules translation. I was told wait for 2013 and here we are, Fire and Sword kickstarter launches few days ago and is already a success.

But back to business, if I want to convince you to put a few your your savings(or a lot, don’t be shy) in this excellent game, here’s the models!

I really like box’s design. Each factions has its own color (here green for ottoman and regal blue for Swedish. They looks very professional and seems to attract your money…

Boxes are almost full up with nice toys! Of course you have models, but three very nice add-ons too: metal base, metal (copper-like) pike or lance, and one (for unit box) to three (for command box) standards sheet. These two last things really please me. Pike and lance are strong enough for hard play (and travel) without neither breaking nor folding. Caution though, because they can hurt for real. In the end, it gives a realistic feeling when you look at your unit with all those pike rising in the air. You just have to prime them black, paint them brow add some metal, a little wash and.. done!

Copper-like made pike. Thrust me they can make you bleed. They’re strong and well sized. You’ll have for your pikemen of course but for all lance-equipped cavalry too, with some little pierced balls to make lance guard).

Standards are a welcome idea. It adds a big visual impact for your units, and several are at disposal. You find one sheet (3 standards) in units box, and 3 sheets in commands box!! (they’re totally historical by the way). They’re made from hard paper, you just have to cut (carefully), glue them. 
Close-up of banner ottoman command: Notice the effect of folds of fabrics given to every banner and the quality details 

Every box contains exact number of models but if something is missing, you can always contact them to have replacement.
Models are made in medal, so you have a cleaning work to do, but I found it really light. I just had to clean some mold line on some models, that’s all. They’re 15 mm size but have an amount of details I rarely see on that scale. Pictures can tell you  I’m right.

Yes they even have mustaches!! And nice hats too! Swedish German mercenaries.

Handgunners and canon. Just look how every detail is well sculpted. A pleasure for the painter.

Ottomans command. Horses are very well proportioned. What I find amazing, beyond all historical details, are the work done on faces. Sometimes you just can’t believe it’s 15mm scale.  

Units boxes are about 17,5-22,5 € (so 22-30$), skirmish set (thinks as a starter army box) are about 60$. Warpath games will sell the game afterleasing of the Rulebook in English, but why wait when you can have kickstarter special prices?
I hope to have tempted you to go to have an (very interested) look on their Kickstarter. If I add moreover, to have had the Polish version of the book between hands, it’s maybe the most beautiful book never made for an historic game (and maybe for a tabletop game, period): the illustrations are just outstanding, all units nits are presented full page with their own rules and art.

For now English translation is funded, now pledge level are for making new skirmish set (thinks as a starter army box). Polish, Ottoman and Swedish ones are just funded as I write (go Poland!!),  and maybe I’ll be tempted by those nice Tatar too…

Ruleset seems great (remember old Space Marine Epic with order? One thousand times better!), what are you waiting for to go to their KS page!

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