Thursday, May 30, 2013

3 Days left in Deadzone ...WTF ZOMBIES!

     As the Deadzone Kickstarter heads into its last few days, there's still a lot of life left in this one.  There are also now Zombies!

     First of all, if you haven't pledged up to at least $150, you're missing the sweet spot. There's now more Free models at the $150 Strike Team and $290 Assault Team pledges than the ones you're actually paying for, so it's tough to go wrong there.
     I think "there must be zombies" is becoming the 101st Rule of the Internet. You simply can't find a decent project on the market without some zombie variation, and Deadzone upholds this ideal. $20 for 15 hard plastic zombies- Attack of the Scifi Shamblers!  In case that just made your juicy little brains explode, yes, that's less than $1 per hard plastic figure.  So, you gotta figure that they're all one-piece simple sculpts, right?  Negative on that- these are multi-piece figures. While we don't have a look at the finished pieces yet, here's a rendering of how they break down. Classic five-part bodies, which means those pieces will go a loooong way to modifying other kits as well. Also, unless I'm mistaken, one of those torsos (the bottom right one) looks to me like it might just be a female one.  Possibilities abound!  

     As we had mentioned about the possibilities of using Deadzone as a "Gateway to Warpath," Mantic's full-size army scifi mass combat game, Mantic just published rules on their forum for using these Zombies in Warpath.  That means obviously that every single piece you buy in this kickstarter is able to be fielded in a wider array of games than just this one.  In addition, Mantic has also announced that as the Deadzone Kickstarter surpassed $675k, they will be adding rules for playing "Massive Skirmish" on 4x4 and 4x6 tables.  This is a big step forward in the playability of this project.  Not because we couldn't figure out how to line up multiple mats together and play anyway, but because of this line here:  
It’s also possible to use light vehicles as there is enough space and ground to cover.

    Wha wha WHAT?!?!  Does this mean we might be seeing some Enforcer APCs or "Marauder Trucks" in the near future?  Only time will tell, and only one thing is for certain- you are running out of time to get in on this one!  More free models than you're paying for, fantastic new terrain, brand new scenarios and backstory additions, a bunch of kickstarter exclusives, 4 characters usable in multiple factions as Mercenaries, a killer looking game mat that even if you don't intend to use this as a "2x2 board game" you could turn into incredible urban basing or a display board, Time is running out- get your pledge in now! s150 dollar pledge

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  1. technically they had zombies the whole time, the new zombies are just not cognitive. :) ok now my smartypants is out of the way. Even the 100 bundle is not a bad deal. I jumped on that one. I got the early bird plus i will get a few add ons. I just did not like the rebels and orks...