Saturday, May 18, 2013

Deadzone clears the $500K Mark!

     The Deadzone Kickstarter from Mantic continues to slam through benchmark after benchmark.

It has surpassed $500K, and eclipsed more backers than any other kickstarter Mantic Games have run to date... and it has fifteen days to go.
     So, this one is officially getting interesting!  Mantic has a bona fide winner on its hands with the Deadzone.  This kickstarter is huge in the scope of what it's offering to gamers- regardless of if you intend to play Deadzone as a boardgame or not.

Game as Intended
     Deadzone is shaping up to be one of the great "entry level games" of all times, combining aspects of tabletop wargaming with classic boardgame elements.  As more and more of the rules come out, this will become more evident.  However, this means that those "on the fence" about miniature wargaming will be able to test their feet in the water without much expense or confusion, while still offering enough depths for traditional Tabletoppers to have fun.

Gateway to Warpath?
     Assuming you'r not into a "watered down wargame", Deadzone is a great starting point for your adventures into Warpath, the setting for Mantic's futuristic mass army game.  While not giving you quite enough figures to play a full Warpath game, obviously, Deadzone is going to offer you a number of beautiful new renders more than apt for enlarging your Warpath force, or starting one anew.

A Figure of Compatibility
     Not interested in learning a new wargame and want to stick to your old tried and true one?  Personally, I think you're missing out- variety is the spice of life after all- but to each their own.  These figures can pretty readily be added to any current 28mm-32mm scifi game on the market with a little rebasing potentially required.  Not matter what you play, at least one of the factions involved in Deadzone will work for you- find what you like, and get some great new figures!

Terrain... oh, the Terrain...
     Okay, I admit it, I came over to miniwargaming from model training a long long time ago, but because of that terrain is always first and foremost on my mind.  Not only is Deadzone offering you a great new line of figures, it's also a great new line of terrain- modular wall/floor sections in 3"x3" squares that allow for a multitude of build options, suitable for every single futuristic and post-apoc game out there.  Ruins left over from before the collapse in Dark Age.  Outposts in Infinity.  Prefabbed structures of Mars and Venus in Warzone:Resurrection. Hell, with a little work, you could even make a really interesting 3" wide corridor bulkhead table/scifi dungeon crawl for boardgaming purposes!

     This Kickstarter really does have something for everyone, and as of the $500K stretch goal being popped, there even two more factions to choose from.  That's right the Forgefathers and the Asterians have joined the game now as well.

     Take it from me, this is one to back.  If you haven't already pledged, you want to get in on this one.  If you have... consider knocking it up a bit, especially if you are below the $150 mark- the Strike Team pledge just got a fifth faction added for free.  When (not if) this thing hits $520k, backers at the Strike Team level will officially be getting as many free models as they are paid for ones.... and you really can't complain about that.

See you on the other side of the table.

The Second Class Elitist.

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