Friday, May 10, 2013

Less then 2 days left on Tablescapes...

Secret Weapon's Tablescapes is in the final 48 hours.  And as of this writing they had less then $3,000 dollars to go to unlock the "Ruined Temple" display board.  Today they released the concept art for the display board, and I really hope they make it.

An ancient temple lost in ruin is such an iconic image that to have one on the tabletop is really appealing to me.  It's evocative of some of the most popular images in pop culture.  Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, and even Star Wars have used the image of ancient temples to create atmosphere.  I am really excited to see this realized on the tabletop.

Now the full table release is certainly still a ways off.  But with the way some Kickstarters have a giant uptick in the last 3 days, it is still possible.  Add in these broken column pieces that SW already makes and you've got the making of a classic ruin to fight among.

So here's hoping that Secret Weapon gets to the 280K plateau.  Then we will all get to play a little Indiana Jones.  So that's it for this update, next time I hope to announce we are well on our way to the next goal.  Until then...


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