Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dark Age: Kukulkani overview video

Yesterday Mr. Black (The Guy) over at Dark Age posted a video giving an overview of the newest faction for the game.  There are a lot of tidbits of information in the video.  From history of the race, to why they came to Sumaria, special abilities unique to the faction, and finally a hint (maybe) to the next release.  Having watched the video here are my thoughts...

So to start with, the history of the Kukulkani is an interesting usage of a myth of the present day.  Basically, Dark Age is using the myth of an alien race influencing the Mayan culture and saying "Yep, it happened.  Oh and they disappeared because the Aliens took them."  So the current Kukulkani warrior caste is the augmented descendants of ancient Maya.  Interesting idea, using the ancient myths the of Earth to fuel the mythology of Dark Age.  And one I like.

Now, why have they descended upon Sumaria?  It seems they have been here before.  In fact the C.O.R.E. are using the old Kulkukani technology to make their entropic batteries.  This has got the Kukulkani in a bit of a tizzy, seeing the desecration of their sacred technologies, so they are here to stop them.  Of course once they got here, they got an added bonus.  The Kukulkani and the Dragyri apparently have a history.  Or I should say that the slaves and the Kukulkani have a history.  And this is one of the things I love about Dark Age, they make sure to set up and reason for the conflicts to exist.

Here we arrive at the tabletop.  There are two rules here that get attention, Bio-Enhance and Hobble.  These  work in synergy.  Basically if a model with hobble gets the final hit, they can choose to not kill the model, but rather leave it on the field.  This allows a model with Bio-Enhanced to come in and get the kill, thus making themselves stronger.  I really like this idea in principle, but reserve the right to see it on the field before I pass final judgement.

Finally, at minute mark 3:30, the reveal.  So throughout the video leading up to this point there have been mulitple things on fire.  I'm watching the video trying to figure it out, and then this beauty shows up.  Right there for all to see.  A round symbol swathed in flame.  I'm fairly confident that this symbol and the line uttered by Mr. Black "And very soon everything burn." means that the Dragyri Fire Caste is set to make a debut in the relative near future.

So there you have it, a spotlight on the Kukulkani.  With a promise from Mr. Black for more to come.  Which faction do you want to see?  Me I'm voting for Skarrd.  Untill next time...


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  1. if I didn't want to build a Kukulkani force before... You are an evil, evil man, Mr. Black....