Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Sunday News

So we have a new weekly feature that we are unveiling this week.  The Sunday News.  This weekly feature is a compilation of the newsworthy events of the week for our "stable" of games and companies we support, plus anything else we think you might be interested in.  So of this we will have already covered in full articles, but a lot of it might be stuff that just wasn't big enough to write an entire article about.  So with out further ado, here is the ...

First the games we care about:

All Quiet on the Martian Front: At of the time of this writing, ALotMF had exceeded 3 times there initial goal.  They also have just announced new pledges, including a free model for every $100 in add-ons.

Beyond the Gates of Antares:  Not a lot has been going on here, primarily I would guess because the lead designer is working on another game (All Quiet on the Martian Front).  But there is one bit on news worth mentioning, BYoA will be attending Warlord Games Day 2013, and will "...have background, basic rules, basic weapon types with stats and some army lists to show so far.  We will even have a fantastic figure or two ready to be sold to those of you that are looking for some fantastic Sci-fi figures to collect and paint."  Finally some product to go with this game, here's to things moving forward.

By the Fire and Sword: This game which was guest reviewed a while back raised it's Kickstarter goal and then some.I gues beating your goat by more that 1600% should count as news.  At some point 2CE, Mordin56, and I are going to have to try this game.

Dark Age:  Last weekend was the Cool Mini or Not! Expo.  By all accounts there was a strong DA presence, though I haven't gotten any pictures yet.  I'm working on it, though.

Deadzone: Over $500k raised.  This thing just keeps getting bigger, and they haven't hit the final three day throw down that most KS's have.  No saying where this one will end.

D.U.S.T:  Fantasy Flight announced 4 new units being added for Allies and SSU.  "Today, the SSU and the Allies can each add two new units to their arsenals; the P-48 Pelican, Allied Heavy Support Walker, BR 47 Self-Propelled Weapon Platform, and SSU Heavy Weapons Teams are all on sale at your local retailer and through our webstore!"  Good to see some new stuff still coming out, after the announcement a few weeks back about DUST leaving FF.  In more local news, there was tournament this weekend in New York City, stay tuned for updates on how that went.

God Slayer:  I know that we've really only mentioned this game in passing, but they released a model this week that has me seriously chomping at the bit to give this game a chance.  Here she is the Valkyrie.

SpineSpur: Comfy Chair Games has been busy since their Kickstarter ended.  Bob has a lot of models to get made to finish out the Threshold line, and he's working hard to get them out.  He shared the latest renders of the street gladiator (sexy!), and due to his commitment to turn every dime of KS money into product gave us the hansom fellow just below.  Bob also let slip that the Nightingales are almost ready to see the light of day.  Here's hoping they look as good as Bob says they do.

Warzone Resurrection: So WZR has given us all a sneak peak of the rulebook and the box art.  This is a big thing for a cuople reasons.  First the book peak shows how sexy the new rulebook is going to be, and just gets me pumped to have it in my hands.  The box art is just as important, because if they are to make their June deadline for the Kickstarter deliveries, they need boxes to put them in.  By showing us both, it means that the powers that be who own the IP have given approval and things can move forward.  I'm very excited.  Pictures below:

Other Things:

Natfka:  The man returns.  Natfka has a temporary site up, fighting the good fight to keep doing what he loves to do.  The man is a news hounds and his blog was always a reflection of that.  He promises a newer and better site is on the horizon but for now he can be found at

PowerdPlay: If at first you don't succeed, run ramshod of over the industry in your second attempt.  These guys are everywhere.  They've got stuff going with Secret Weapon and now they're going to be a sponsor of the Grumpy Old War Gamers Convention, on June 8-9.  Oh and they are almost at 3x their goal.

Secret Weapon Miniatures: So apparently running a successful Kickstarter, for a product other gaming companies didn't think was worth it, isn't enough.  Nope you've got to go and tie yourself and your product into 2 other ones as well.  SW has made a table design for Deadzone and they are part of the stretch goals for Poweredplay's lighting kits.  They are going to make bases for the kits.

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