Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spikey Sales: Malifaux Week!


     Spikey Bits has announced their sale for this week.... 30% off of Malifaux models from Wyrd Games!

     This is actually a really good time to get in on this one, what with the Second Edition Beta being right around the corner and all.  30% off means for less than $25 you can get a boxed set and get started exploring this game, and pick up the rules in the beta test for free!  

     $25 to pick up a brand new game and kick the tires with some friends... doesn't sound like a bad idea.  Who knows, you might even enjoy yourself.  Malifaux has an imaginative setting and some truly twisted model sculpted in a very high quality.  Rob Baer at Spikey Bits runs an awesome store that really gives you one-stop shopping. Malifaux + Spikey Bits = win.  And for this week, a win that doesn't hurt my wallet as much! Which is good, as my survey for Warzone just came in... sweet Jervis that's going to be expensive.

     Head on over to Spikey Bits and pick yourself up a couple low-cost boxed sets to get into this one, or even just pick up the one ot two Malifuax models you always wanted to paint up... because if your hobby is painting centric, there's no way there's not a couple of Wyrd models that you've been eyeing up.  Spikey Bits just gave you the excuse- these are prices you won't be able to beat.  

     If my girlfriend hasn't killed me and thrown my body in a ditch because of my hobby expenditures, I'll see you on the other side of the table.

The Second Class Elitist. 

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