Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wyrd Announces Malifaux 2nd Edition & Free Open Beta

     Wyrd Games has announced a long awaited, much anticipated, and much needed update for Malifaux.  Here's the details on what's in store for a truly Wyrd Game!

     Malifaux has always drawn my interest, mostly due to the amazingly twisted figures that have come out of the property over the years.   However, with each expansion or new series, the game has gotten more convoluted  had level creep problems that make "other wargaming companies" look positively balanced by comparison, and generally angered players by making previous Masters all but useless in rewrites.

     Fortunately, all that is about to change. Wyrd Games has announced a rewrite for Malifaux. The new rules set will be launched in October (perfect! I love this game around Halloween) with a pre-release at GenCon 13.  While some of all the goodies are being held back to wet our appetites even more, we do know a few juicy tidbits:
  • The story line of Malifuax is actually being advanced forward.  Not only is more of the reasoning of the world explained, but certain henchmen who were high in power structures will be promoted to Masters, as new henchmen are brought in.  
  • After much player requesting, Gremlins are now a faction in the game.
  • A form of "advancement system" is being introduced to allow boosts on to existing characters
  • The previous "random acts of FAQness" system is being replaced with a structured, regularly updated, easy to find FAQ.
     In addition, Wyrd is giving the player base a chance to weigh in and help them shape the future of the game.  (Way to go, guys!)  Starting March 31st, Wyrd will have an open beta for "Malifaux Second Edition" available.  So long as you are registered on their forum, you can follow this link anytime after March 31st to be included in the beta testing.  They're also encouraging people not familiar with the Malifaux system to sign up for the beta as well, which I think is a wise decision- not only does it help spread the game, but it gives fresh eyes to old problems.  

     So, anyone interested in helping this one get some new legs?  Anyone currently still playing Malifaux?  Drop me a line and talk about it.   I'll see you on the other side of the table.

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