Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Martians have Invaded! Finally!

Okay ladies and gents, this is one I've been waiting to talk about for a while.  Why, you ask?  Because it's unique, it's a little campy, it's about as classic scifi as you can get, and it's the brainchild of some old friends of ours.  

     All Quiet on the Martian Front is a new 15mm scifi wargame from Alien Dungeon- Ernie Baker's company.  Mr. Baker is bringing in Rick Priestly and Alessio Cavatore to help create it.  That's seriously the TTG version of "getting the band back together."  Now, some people will swear that band was the Beatles, others will claim it was closer to New Kids on the Block.  For yours truly, this is a Power Trio of epic metal proportions.  These three gents have been responsible for some of my favorite moments in this hobby in many different ways, and I've been dying to sink my teeth into this one.  


     Okay, so enough goobing over celebrities.  What exactly makes this game "classic scifi"?  Unarguably one of the oldest works of science fiction is H.G.Well's "War of the Worlds." This Post-Victorian scifi classic is the basis for All Quiet, but with a twist:  It's 10 years after the first Martian Attack, and they have this time landed in central North America.  The extra-terrestial assailants prove that what came before was simply a scouting party, and bring havok with even more advanced walkers and devices.  

     Which brings us to the unique bit- this game is one half historic, one half scifi.  Turn of the century armor verses alien tripods.  Artillery verses ray-guns. Pot-helmed infantry verses zombies.  This is a "your chocolate in my peanut butter" combination that is sure to satisfy.  Crusty old Historic Wargamer in your group always complaining that you do nothing but play futuristic stuff?  Science Fiction nerd complaining that your group spends too much time on Historic Wargames?  Makes them happy at the same time! Hell, it even gives them a chance to prove their genre is "better" than the other one! 

     The models for this game have a nice ring to them.  Slightly campy Martian models with a classic scifi movie feel [really Ernie... what is it with these one-eyed models?  I've getting concerned man...] , and top notch 15mm armor suitable for use in any historic wargame at the scale.  Don't believe me?  Go check out this gallery full of more armor cheesecake than your diet can handle. 

     This kickstarter is going to draw a lot of attention-  Alien Dungeon did a really good job of pumping out press for this thing for a while before launch, and it paid off- nearly 150% of their fund level has been pledged in only six hours...  just think about that for a second.  $75k in six hours.  Yeah, this game might be going places.  Remember where you heard about it!  Go back this thing while there's still a chance to get in on the "early bird" discounts!  Then, go to the comments and updates section.  Look at how reactive Alien Dungeon has been as far as adapting the pledges to fan requests.  Same thing's happening with the rules if you check their forum.  I know I get up on the "by gamers, for gamers, with gamers" soap box a lot... but that's because I believe every single one of us deserves to be playing a game where we feel our voices and concerns are heard- even if they can't always be addressed.  Alien Dungeon is showing us exactly what I try to push:  the idea that a wargaming company can be successful and have a successful product without simply treating us like sheeple made out of money.  You keep planing the invasion, Mr. Baker.... I'll man the heavy.  



  1. I saw this and was like YESSSSSSSSS... then I saw it was 15mm... then was oh... maybe another time... I hope this succeeds. I love the premise and it looks awesome...Maybe if this is a success they can do a 28mm for us 28mm snobs.

    1. I agree with that one. Right now I have two scales I'm playing in... and unfortunately 15mm isn't one of them. Do I want to support a new game? Obviously. Do I want to support Mr. Baker? Without Question. Do I want to get a whole new set of terrain for one game.... wince.

  2. Terrain for 15mm is really easy to find. There is lot companies which makes them, an din every style (fantasy to futuristic, historical every period...).
    I hate you for bringing another game I want to support (in fact it's no me that hate you, it's my poor dying wallet...)