Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lighting up Deadlines- PoweredPlay Games in Firebucket Defenses

Here's the first in what will be an incredibly enjoyable series of builds- applying Poweredplay light kits to a few choice models I'm working on.  First up today:  the "Deadline" defensive fortification from Firebucket Games.

     Just to remind everyone where we started, this was the primed and sepia coated FireBucket Games "Deadline" fortification.  Again, you'll note the heavy classic "art deco" style,  and the big bulky feel to this piece- it really looks and feels like it could stop a tank.  The first step was drilling through the posts and using the "yellow" lights- I felt that they would offer that "caution" feel and contrast well with my intended color scheme.  Oh sweet Jervis, it took longer to drill the resin than it did to mount the lights! Once they were in place, the wires were tucked, and the electrical part of the build was complete- literally in minutes. Belgarath97 was right... I'm gonna buy a hundred of these things!

     To give the barricade that heavy industrial feel, I wanted to stay with slightly blue-toned greys, giving it a bit of a weathered and aged feel. The metallic I also stained in a dark blue wash, and worked back up to bright metals.  I wanted a "used" piece, but not something that was damaged or neglected.  Finally the caution stripes I went with a white/orange combination- color theory wise it worked well with the blue-grey, and to me it just looked a bit more "super tech 1950's" which was appropriate.  Oh, if the caution stripes look a little reflective in the shots, the final step was a very thinned down glaze with some silver and bright gold fleck in it, to try to resemble reflective paint.  

     With all that done, let's get the rubber to the road and see how this thing works.  It seemed only fitting to test it out with my Zerboz figures I painted up a while back.  (The wall section also does a very nice job of hiding the battery pack, which is currently uninstalled.  Unlit, you can see the clear acrylic does not in any way take away from the lines of the terrain piece.  The 25mm figures see clearly over the piece, so there's no models from any game line that won't be able to draw LOS over them.  

      With the lights on in the room and the electronics turned on, you can see the amber glow highlights the top of the wall nicely.   Just enough color to convince enemy soldierdolls they must stop at this checkpoint.  
     Semi-lit room, and now you can really see the lights coming into their own.  This is a great composition shot that really shows off just how amazing the PoweredPlay lighting kit is.
    Above and to the left. This shot has a good variety of lighting, so you see a good range of illumination.

     So here it is, all on its own- the PoweredPlay lit Deadzone. See the reflections of the carbon fiber backdrop?  That's six inches away, folks...  These little buggers are gonna put up a lot of light.

     This shows you just how much light.  A Spinespur model (Caretaker to be precise), a Dragyri slave, and a Brood Pudthrower, fully illuminated.  This kit was amazingly easy to use, and even more impressive in person.  Seriously guys, these pictures don't even do it justice.  If you haven't backed this kickstarter yet, you really, really should.  You've got twelve days left as of this writing, and you don't want to miss it! While you're waiting for your kickstarter goodies to arrive, head over to Firebucket Games and pick up some wonderful terrain of your own!  Keep watching next week, when we "glow up" a zombie, and show off some Firebucket bases.  See you on the other side of the table.

The Second Class Elitist. 

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