Friday, May 10, 2013

Tablescapes unlocks Ruined Temple Display- 40 hours and counting!!!

    The Tablescapes Kickstarter from Secret Weapon keeps humming along, and is just about to enter the last day and a half.  Having just unlocked the "Ruined Temple" Display board, does it have enough steam left to unlock the entire table?
     With just over a day and a half left, Tablescapes has unlocked one of the most interesting themes to date- the Ruined Temple.  A sure fire hit with both fans of Fantasy gaming and "Scifi Supernatural" settings, this one has all the earmarks of an amazing table to paint up... without all those pesky skulls getting in the way.

     This would be the artist's rendition of the display board.  Four different panels with a lot of opportunity for some great terrain, and great painting.  What can we expect if Tablescapes makes it another $40k in just 40 hours?  Well, 12 more kickass tiles to turn this into a full-fledged 4x4 gaming masterpiece, of course!  

Round Lip: 30mm "Flagstone" Bases

     Not to mention, as Belgarath97 already pointed out over here, Secret Weapon already has some terrain designed for this scheme... and although the "flagstone bases" aren't a perfect fit, you can see form there where this one is likely to go, and that is an awesome, awesome place indeed.  

     Is $40k a large distance to cover?  Yes it is- but completely not unheard of for the final day of a Kickstarter of this magnitude, left alone the final day and a half. But it has to start with us backers. I know this one is hard to bump up with "add-ons"....  Secret Weapon tried, but weren't allowed to add their normal stock to the list as bonuses.  So, unless you all want to pick up extra tables, you've got to do the next best thing.  If you're interested in this table scheme for yourself, or know someone who is (not sayin' any names, but B97's been drooling on this one from the start), the you gotta talk to your gaming bros.  Anybody that's on the fence with this one and hasn't pledged yet, knock'em over it.  Get them involved, and get them pledged. It really doesn't take a lot to go from where this is, to where this scheme unlocks- it only takes 250 more backers, and that's assuming they only pledge for 1 4x4.  Sound like a lot?  Not when there's close to 1,200 already pledged!  So talk to your buddies, talk to your groups, hell even talk to your FLGS owner- I'm pretty sure he doesn't want your table at home being more inviting to play on than the one in his shop...  

     Secret Weapon gave us the tools, but if we want this to happen, it's going to come down to us.  "By Gamers, For Gamers, With Gamers" means supporting the companies "doing it right."  Let's go get them a little more support.

See you on the other side of the table.

 The Second Class Elitist.  

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