Monday, May 20, 2013

Dark Age: Times, they are a-changing...

Today Mr. Black gave us all a sneak peak at what's in store for the new version of Dark Age.  I have to say that I did not expect this level of revamp when they announced a new rule book later this year.

Mr. Black gave us two examples of the revamp coming to the cards in Dark Age.  The first of which is a Warchief.  To the keen eye you will notice a couple things missing.  First there is no size information.
Second, there is no point value.  Third, there is no reference to squad size.  Also I noticed that Whirlwind no longer has the 360 Arc rule but now has brutal.  But honestly the most exciting thing about the new cards has to be legibility and the lack of ink intensity for printing these out.  There is one other thing, but I'll get to that in a moment.

The other card here is the Wasteland Warrior.  Again you'll notice no points or size listed.  But the real new tidbit here is something on both cards.  At the bottom there is what appears to be some kind of link symbol followed by Wasteland Warrior (4).  This is interesting because the Warchief has the same symbol followed by Wasteland Warrior (6).  When asked about this Mr. Black only said, "In time... In time..."  So obviously this is something new.  He also said that there are things missing and that, "Well, always remember, cards aren't only one-sided..."

There are a number of other things I caught after I reviewed them further:

  • Wasteland Warrior's Grapple doesn't have a target number.
  • Warchief doesn't have Take Charge (Wasteland Warriors)
  • Warchief doesn't have No Fear

When I posted this on the announcement comments, Mr. Black's response was, "All good observations Belgarath, all very good ;)"  This would indicated that they were intentional, and not misprints.  Further evidence that the next edition is going to hold some surprises.

Of course there is one other bit of news that slipped in this preview of things to come.  With this new edition there will be a card pack available, that will contain all the cards.  So now we can all get the high quality cards that Dark Age makes for our models and every one we might face across the table.  Unless they are outrageously priced, I know I'll be getting a set.  Until next time...



  1. I gotta admit, I Like the look of these new cards... I for one am very excited to see where Mr. Black is going with this...

    1. You and me both, I'm starting to realize that this new edition is going to be big. The only question I have left is when is the rest of CORE and Kukulkani going to release.