Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kickwatcher: Laser Cut MDF Terrain

So in recent days 2CE and I have backed a number of Kickstarters.  Some of them have been about miniatures and games, and a few have been about terrain.  This Kickstarter by T.J.H. Models is in the same vein, but I have to admit when I saw the picture my first thought was:

Ok, maybe I'm being dramatic, but this video is impressive.

Once I watched the video, and saw the ease of assembly, I was highly intrigued.  Here is a system that will allow for easy break down while maintaining impressive table presence.  I think T.J.H has a good product here, that can play in multiple sci-fi games.  The walkway system is generic enough that I can see it in Dark Age, Warzone: Ressurection, Infinity, Dead Zone, or Beyond the Gates of Antares.  So if you play any of those games you should take a look at this kickstarter.

Here is a link to a video about their corridor system.

These kits of some beautiful details that I'm going to put below, but there is one word of warning.  The pledge system he has set up can be a bit confusing.  The key is that each pledge has an associated set number, which he gives detailed pictures of in the Kickstarer.  Here is an example:

Here are the promised pictures, I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did.  Until next time...



  1. Awesome. How to make a very good Factory!
    It could be very nioce for my warzone urbain table...

  2. I understood college math easier than that convoluted pledge system. The funny thing is, there are 2 MDF kickstarters and both are harder to follow than a cat chasing a laser light.

    1. Yeah I agree... he's got two separate product lines, both with multiple kits... it's like standing in line trying to order a value meal with no clue what's really in any of them. I honestly don't know what I want to pledge for!

  3. I pledged on the other one. For 10 bucks I get a big shipping container and a billboard, not bad. I may use it as a small house/shelter in my spinespur ghetto.