Monday, May 13, 2013

New Doomtrooper Radio this Sunday, new Renders from Prodos!

     You know, it's a wonderful thing when you can't go a week without mentioning something positive about a game or game company.  I could probably snip these apart and do 3-5 little blurbs a week, but I hate two paragraph articles, so I wait until there's a few of them.  Even more refreshing is the general lack of negative that would otherwise spoil all this good news coming from Warzone: Resurrection!

     First off let's begin with the Public Service Announcement.  Mark Rapson will be joining the guys at Doomtrooper Radio this Sunday.  Smart money has them discussing the kickstarter survey (which just rolled out this week!), the "delay conspiracy" surrounding if Prodos can get us all our brand spanking new soldierdolls on time, the state of the rulebook, and just how much sleep Jarek hasn't been getting trying to get this all out to us.  (For my money, I'm impatiently waiting to see some news on Andy Hoare's work, but that's mostly because I'm a story guy as well as a general fanboy of his.)  Make sure you like Doomtrooper's Facebook Page, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.  

     So, our last post-Kickstarter update had a number of new Dark Legion sculpts in it.  Time for the MegaCorps to get some fresh render love.  For those of you that didn't follow the early days of the Kickstarter, one of the first major "fan collaborations" was whether or not this guy

looked enough like a newer version of this guy.

In the end, Prodos released the Vulcan looking like this

     But not without some complaints about the lack of hands.  So, that original render got revamped into a new unit for Bauhaus, another "unique addition to the Warzone Universe" called a Juggernaut.

     Countless hours spent on revisions and adaptations.  Why?  Because Prodos listens. I might be saying that a lot... but it's only because they're doing it a lot.  Especially in the Bauhaus line:  two new units added tothe Warzone universe based solely on customer feedback and ideas, and nearly every unit in the force got major overhauls between original render and release.  

 Image-252605-full    .

     Mishima finally received an identity as well, getting initial concept art for two of their units, the Hatamoto and Ronin.  I'm a huge fan of the look of these, if for no other reason that the design of the armor.  The banded armor harkens back nicely to classic Japanese lacquered O-yori.  I think this will give Mishima a very distinct appearance on the battlefield, and nicely avoided them simple looking like A) Samuriiiii iiiinnnn  Spaaaaaace  B) Mock-ups of twenty year old Mishima, and C) Something yoinked out of the design room from Infinity- all of which were pretty valid concerns.  

     And last but not least... the second of the "We'll make a model of you!" pledges was finally revealed... a Capitolian named Captain Henry Thomas.   Okay, I gotta admit, this guy looks badass.  If I ever get to play against this guy, I hope he shows up at the tournament cosplaying his own model (which is cosplaying him cosplaying the model cosplaying him... oh, I'm dizzy) because I think I'd just tap out at that point.  

     Not only does this model come stock with more weapons than hands, you'll notice he's "Airbourne Infantry." While Capitol already had jump troops in the form of the Martian Banshees, now there's a whole new group of jet-footers that will be hitting the table... and the rulebook... and Big Jim and Carl's wallets.  

     Those of you really quick on the draw might have noticed the words "PREORDER" on some of the pictures. That's because if you head over to Prodo's website, you can- for now- still get into this game at launch for less than retail.  You're not left out just for missing the Kickstarter... but you're going to be left out if you don't do something soon.  Which would be both a shame and a mistake, because this game is going to erupt once these models release.  See you on the other side of the table.

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