Friday, May 3, 2013

Goblin Aid Update (VERY pic heavy!)

     The "Gamers to rightfully support Kevin Adams Organization", more correctly known as "Goblin Aid," continues to march ever onward with support.  Here's a post- Salute, up to the minute on where this process is- be warned, this article is Incredibly picture heavy with awesome Goblin sculpts!

     Support for Kev "The Goblinmaster" Adams continues to grow following his attack.  (If you see a vigilante in a black batman outfit beating up street thugs in Nottingham, I swear it isn't me... but only because I've been buying too many minis recently to afford the plane ticket.) The Goblin Aid Facebook Page is over 1,500 loyal gobbos strongs.  If you're not one of them, by all means, go like the page, and then come back we'll wait.

     Back? Great. Okay, so, If you were lucky enough to be at Salute (stupid lack of plane tickets...) you would have noticed these little buggers.  These are donation cups for Goblin Aid.  Over twenty vendors at Salute had them out, collecting whatever spare change (and likely a bit or two) that fellow gamers, hobbyists, and greenskin enthusiasts were able to through in.  I"ll be updating this page with an exact tally if I get one- last conversation I had with Dags it seemed like a good haul, but they were all too knackered from Salute to count straight.

    In addition to the pieces still on their way from Goblin Aid, there are other avenues of support coming in as well.  Wargames Foundry has a self-sculpted model of The Goblinmaster and 5 randomly generated snorklings of Kev's for  £10, with proceeds going to Kev.  Ainsty Castings will be offering up 100 pounds worth of sculpts as well (as in money, not weight, because that'd be impossible to ship) for the Goblin Aid auctions... they just won't be greenskins, because in Andy's words he can't do them. This army is available for sale, with 10% of the proceeds going to Kev. Blood Beast plans on doing a series of charity auctions of pro-painted models as well for Kev.

     The auctioning of the following models will be handled through Goblin Aid's Ebay Account.  Please be patient people... I know we all expected to be seeing this stuff fast, but remember everyone needs time to sculpt masterpieces, then they need to be mastered and produced, and contrary to gamer beliefs that doesn't all happen with a finger snap or hitting a "buy now" button.  Trust me, readers, these will be worth the wait.  There is some speculation on these being available in groups of some sort, but it's all still bvery much up in the air... so keep saving your euros, pounds, drachamas and dollars, so we can really throw a lot of support into this.

     Here is a gallery of all the finished greens to my knowledge.  (If I missed your piece, miscreditted the sculptor, or even just spelled your name wrong, by all means please email me and I'll fix it post haste. If any additional pieces get finished after this article goes up and you'd like me to include you, please send that as well- I don't mind doing a little more work, you've put in far more time on this than me!) So, now on to the eye candy! A veritable army of greenskin greens to be auctioned off.  Stay tuned for more info, and don't forget to comment below and tell me your favorites!

Chazz Elliot

Sylvain Quirion

Minghua Kao

Paul Gargon

Yann Hoarou

Sonny Bundgaard

Sylvain Boudelee

John Manor

Jo Brumby

Bob Olley

Dave Leigh

Steven Marchant

David Soderquist

Mark Craggs

Gary Morely

Kev White

Stu Powley

Warren Beattie

Des Hanley

Alex Huntley

Paul Hicks

Gael Goumon

Pedro Navarro

Eyle Alexander

Tim Prow

Werner Klocke

Davide Tedeschi

Gav Fry

Bill Thornhill

Mark Evans

John Pickford

George Fairlamb

Bob Murch

Kieran Billings

Mati Zander

David Drage

Tom Emmet

A bust of "Post Incident Goblinmaster" by Phillip Hynes

and last but not least, from Jason Weibe, que the exit music... Goblin Style!

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