Monday, May 6, 2013

The Lights went out.... and they're back on!!!

PoweredPlay GamingUndeterred by their first poorly organized Kickstarter, PoweredPlay Games is right back in it, and already funded IN ONE DAY!!!
     Now, both myself and Belgarath97 talked about this one the first time around, here and here.  Try as we might, we just couldn't manage to save a project that had... "design issues."  In the words of Chris Wessling himself:
"we made far too many errors in setting up our Kickstarter. From launching at 4:30 on a Friday, to not having the PR machine going before the launch - misclassifying ourselves in Tech instead of tabletop gaming, to a confusing rewards structure: We screwed up. We could probably write the book on how NOT to launch a Kickstarter."

Our Alpha Kits give you a variety of options for your models, hobbies or whatever you want to light     You know Chris, that's probably not a bad idea... anyway, PoweredPlay Gaming has relaunched their Modular LED Lighting Kit Kickstarter with a lower goal and better organization and images... and they blew past their funding total in less than one day.  They're likely to hit their first stretch goal on day two.

One of our tester's Leviathan Crusaders with Lit Eyes     If you've never light kitted a model before, let me tell you two incontrovertible truths about it:  it looks in-freaking-credible, and until now it's been a royal pain in the arse.  Chris and Chris resolved the second point quite nicely with this amazing plug-and-go system.  If you can pin a model, you can light one now.  It's really that simple.  If you want to take your vehicles, your table ,and your terrain to the next level, this is the way to go.  Let alone the fact that a little birdie overheard this from Secret Weapon:
"Our good friends at PoweredPlay have re-launched their Kickstarter -- and we're talking about ways to create specific lighting kits for some of our products. Just sayin'."
'66 Shelby Mustang      If that happens... I'll never have money again.

     This is definitely one to back.  $30 for a lighting kit that would take you about of hour of solder time and a couple singed fingers.  There is no reason not to back this if you play any game with vehicles, or have any terrain that you would like to give either an ultramodern or ultra-spooky look to.  Play a futuristic game and have acrylic terrain signage/screens?  Run a fiber optic line to that and see what happens...  Play a supernatural/undead/magically powerful race?  Start lighting mausoleums and temples and powerstones and then try to tell me your army isn't immediately more impressive on the table.
Oak Lord from James Hakola at  At the time of this writing, PoweredPlay is $800 away from custom mini-batteries that will allow you to place lighting kits in even smaller objects.  This is going to make an incredible product even more usable.  I'm not even sure what their next stretch goal is going to be... because they hit everything that they couldn't the first time around aside from the "entire model base is a battery" goal. Already.  And when that one hits... I might have to order new bases for my entire Cybertronic army. I'm not saying you have to back this one... just saying B97 and I are going to, and if you don't my stuff will look better than yours. And that would be a shame.

See you on the other side of the table.

The Second Class Elitist.


  1. sorry , 30 bucks is too much for the smallest kit. I will disagree with you guys for the first (and hopefully only) time. I went to radio shack last week and bought the lights, resistors tubing etc.... spent 15 bucks and got twice the lights, resistors, and battery holders. Simple math equation that can be found on youtube or google search and I can make my own. The 15 bucks savings, I can get another 3 to 5 miniatures. Anyways, carry on guys

    1. You can definitely make it cheaper for a light rig if you have the know how.... but check out this video of transforming a lighted APC into a lighted Tank.... you can't do that at Radio Shack.
      Also, lights are only the beginning.... I'm really jazzed for their soundcards and smoke effects which are on the design board and use the same interchangeable PC card. :-) Again, in some cases you can Shack it, save a little, and get more... but for quick and easy and modular, you can't beat this system. Thanks for reading and replying! Roll Tide!

    2. I agree that DIY is usually the cheaper option, giving us more soldierdolls, which it why we all do this. But there is an old adage for which I think this Kickstarter applies. "You can have cheap, you can have good, and you can have fast. Pick two." I will happily spend 30 dollars to have all the wiring set up for me.

      I know a lot of people who would never attempt lighting a model because of the intimidation of wiring it themselves. This kit is for them. Anyway, Rollntider thanks for reading and commenting. It's always good to have conversation about what we are covering. Happy gaming.

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