Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tablescapes and Deadzone: A Match Made in TTG

Yesterday Secret Weapon announced a partnership with Mantic Games to release a display board specifically for Mantic's new game, Deadzone.
 The plan is to alter some of the Urban Streets tiles to match the grid setup of Deadzone.  Here is a render:

To quote Secret Weapon:

You will now have the option to select "Deadzone" as a theme for your Display Board pledge or add-on item. This set will include four of our clean "Urban Streets" foundation tiles, selected by Ronnie Renton, and redesigned to make them fully compatible with the Deadzone rule system -- while still maintaining our original urban vision.
Absolutely easy to do - but, again, any marking other than on the sidewalks will be VERY subtle.
For instance - where the sidewalk has a clear grid, in the middle of the street we might put a small crack width wise. 3" below that and to one side a small X crack. But there will *NOT* be a visible, obvious grid on anything except the sidewalk and grid foundation -- which already had them.

This really is a great combination to back: Deadzone is already knee deep in giveaways, and Tablescapes is the perfect way to take your game to that next level.  Want a table made specifically with your game in mind? Want a game made specifically with your table in mind? Either way, this one's for you. Go check out the Tablescapes and Deadzone kickstarters, and get in on these while the getting is still good.

Tablescapes is entering it's home stretch, and with this announcement there is a good chance that they will make their next goal.  So in the near future we could have tables in the following themes: "Scrap Yard", "Urban Streets" (Clean, Damaged, or Mixed), "Deadzone", and (hopefully) "Rolling Fields".  Not too bad for a product that other gaming companies think isn't viable.  Until next time...


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