Friday, May 17, 2013

D.U.S.T in the NYC

The Second Class Elitist made me aware of a DUST Tactics tournament occurring in New York City!  Not only is this an excellent opportunity for veteran DUST Tactics players to show their stuff, the tournament organizer says many of the players will be relatively new, so even inexperienced players are welcome.

With our apologies to Mike Willner, who made up an excellent looking flyer that Blogger refuses to upload, this is definitely a great opportunity.  If you are a veteran DUST Tactics player, Here's a chance to get in games against possibly new opponents.  If you are new to the game, this is an excellent opportunity to gain insight and wisdom from more players.  If you are inexperienced in DUST Tactics and simply wanted to see what the game is about, here is a chance to experience it first hand- including extra models available for you to learn with.  Sounds like an excellent event all around.

2013 Dust Tactics

Regional Event
Saturday May 25th
Compleat Strategist
11 E. 33rd Street (btwn 5th and Madison)
$10 Registration Fee
In Advance Call: (212) 685-3880
Register starts 9:30 AM
Play starts 10:30 AM
Beginners Welcome! Learn in 15 minutes. Miniatures available for you to borrow and play!

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