Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spikey Sales: A new Tactic?

     If you're in wargaming, you probably know of Spikey Bits.  If you know of Spikey Bits, you've  probably followed their recent "Imperial entanglements."  Either way, you should have read MadBobby's article on Infinity.  Want another excuse to try it out?  How about 30% off from Spikey Bits?  
     The crew at Spikey Bits have unveiled a new program- a 30% off sale on smaller but played and deserving games on the market, to try to raise awareness of the incredible amount of cool that there is floating around in this hobby.  To quote MBG:
"Over the next few weeks we'll try to feature a new sale every week on some of the top names out there in gaming, just to give you a chance to try out something new! "
 I for one couldn't be happier. The idea of having a major supplier like Spikey showing off some pretty to gamers is some sweet music indeed.  They made it incredibly easy, too- no coupons, no discount codes you could possibly miss, they just adjust the prices automatically. Go take a look and see for yourself, but make sure you read MadBobby's piece on why he and his crew are so into this game first!  

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  1. Maybe you can get them to start selling spinespur figures.

    I hope infinity does well. Not my game, but any game that takes away from GW then I am cool with it. With me into spinesur, All things Zombie/ no more room in hell (zombie survival) and deadzone I won't have much time for anything else for a while LOL. I will still play some 40k but I won't be buying anything from GW for a while, except maybe paint.