Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sneak Peaks from Prodos!

      So, in case you're brand new to this blog, there's this thing called Warzone.  It's a little game based on a tried and true IP that has a devoted fanbase.  They had a kickstarter, and nailed it.  So what could be so interesting right now?  Oh sweet Jervis, we know what the book looks like, and it is sexy.

      While we don't have a cover image yet- and Mark Rapson refuses to spill the beans on that one even a minute before its time- we have this beautiful interior image now.  For those of you that don't know, I'm constantly complaining about "outdated" layouts and uninspired book work in TTGs.  Well, this one is the opposite.  This is going to make damn near every other game out there realize their books are inferior quality.  Step one:  Quality background layout complete.  Step two:  Proofreading and Step three: Quality splash writing we still have to wait on... but nothing we've seen yet has convinced me that it won't be there, so I'm hopeful.  

Image-261150-full     Here's where hopeful turns to impatient.  Not only did we get a sneak peak at what the box art is going to look like... it's the Faction I'm starting with, and one of the models I'm dying to drop a PoweredPlay Games lightkit into!  The Cybertronic Eradicator.  Now, the box art I"m not certain that I'm a great fan of.  I generally prefer to see finished models on the covers, but I also understand that none of those exist at the moment, and I'd rather have my models now with concept art and illustrations on the boxes than wait for a professional painting company to finish painting the entire line of approx 200 individual models.  Other than that, I think it's aces.   

     Now, there's still the "question" of if Prodos will get things out on time.  The Kickstarter said June, and Mark Rapson is really pushing to make that happen.  If he does.... this man serves knighthood. Technically, for all the trouble us loyal fans are giving him, he already deserves sainthood.  June is next month, and even "late June" is only six weeks away... I'm ready to be surprised with a box on my doorstep.  A box full of brand new soldierdolls that will get the crap lit out of them with PoweredPlay light kits.  The only real question in my mind right now is how to base them... but that's a story for another blog. 

    Oh, and one last thing- have you had your serving of Doomtrooper Radio?  You haven't??? Well, you should.  Here's 55 minutes of Mark Rapson, Doomtrooper Carl, and Doomtrooper Jim discussing just how little sleep everyone at Prodos has been getting... as well as a couple little sneak things you should hear. No, I'm not telling you, go watch it. Like, Subscribe, and hit the Doomtrooper Radio Facebook Page.  Tell'em the Second Class Elitist sent ya... Jim loves it when you do that. Seriously.  He sends me flowers and everything.  Flowers go boom when you pull out the pin, right?    

See you on the other side of the table.

The Second Class Elitist.  


  1. Great post, yes flowers go boom when I send them!

    Onto the boxes, I love em! The have a very late 80's "Airfix" toy soldier box art feel to them!


  2. Yeah I got really excited by this preview of both the book and boxes. Can't wait to see them in the flesh.