Monday, May 6, 2013

Tablescapes just keep "rolling" along, passes 200K

Secret Weapon's modular table Kickstarter, Tablescapes, has passed the 200k mark.  What does that mean?  Well it means that the latest themed board has been unlocked and it's the first one that is truly setting neutral.  But there is more, so read on for the details.

"Rolling Fields" is the latest theme to unlock from Tablescapes, and it might be the most exciting one.  Why is this the most exciting one?  Well for a few reasons.  The first of which is the complete setting neutrality of it.  There isn't a game I'm playing, or thinking of playing, that this theme can't work for.  Dark Age: an open area of plains is a perfect place.  Warzone: Earth has plenty of fields to fight upon.  Dropzone Commander: the planets being fought over are all human worlds, so fields work.  Godslayer: I probably will play the nature loving faction, so a field table with forest terrain will be perfect.  Finally the hardest one I think, Spinespur:  how do I make a rolling field work for Spinespur?  Ever been to New York, there's this great big open area called Central Park.  Who's to say there is no park area in Spinespur, it is a city after all.

So there you have it, one table that works for all the games I'm playing or going to be.  The hardest part is going to be deciding how to paint it, or if they get to Ruined Temple.  The concept pictures for that one have got me drooling, and I may need get that one (games I'm paying be damned!).

Also hidden in the mass of information the last few days, Secret Weapon is adding some new stretch goals.  The first of which unlocked mere hours before the "Rolling Fields" theme.  These goals are the display boards for the next theme in line.  So at 180K we unlocked the "Rolling Fields" display board, and now at 240K we will unlock the "Ruined Temple" display boards.  These display boards along with "Scrap Yard" and all the "Urban Street" themes will include 4 tiles from the main theme, chosen to showcase the theme.  They also now include a border piece to frame the board.

With 6 days to go they are trending to get the "Ruined Temple" display board unlocked, but not unless we seriously get the word out.  To those of you that have been waiting for something more akin to <insert theme here> now is the time.  I just proved that this theme fits most of them.  If you have already pledged, thank you.  But you aren't off the hook.  If Tablescapes launches with 4 distinct themes, then Secret Weapon will have the premiere modular table on the market, and all the more reason to continue development on expansion packs, terrain, and other themes.  So here is your challenge, tell at least one person that hasn't heard of this kickstarter about it.  If every person that has pledged did that, then over a thousand new people will get turned on to this project, and with a table sized pledge of $150 (cheaper per table with higher pledges) only slightly more than half of those new people have to pledge to unlock the new theme.  Until next time...


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