Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Campaign Prep Paint-a-rama!

Welcome to WIP Wednesday! We've got a lot of work we need to do, so here goes the list on our painting tables to prep for our two campaigns!

First up, Let's look at the Warzone: Resurrection campaign, Hidden Agendas.  The Dark Legion models are all done except for the super secret HotSS Warlord (to be shown soon enough), which is good, because I need a bunch of work on my Cybertronic. Some are almost done, some... not so much. Good thing I like to paint!!!

Later in the campaign, Bauhaus will be making an appearance as well.  B97 is currently polishing up some Rangers for the club Bauhaus force.

Warzone may have more models left to paint, but Counterblast has some work on the table to.  The  The Terror from Outer Space campaign needs some prep work too.  TGC's Neiren are ready to go, but Ali's Edoflini are under her expert care as we speak.

Last but not least, even though I have a finished Mekkus force, we decided for story reasons we needed some humans to show up, so I've got the GDF under the lamp as well.  I hit them with a basecoat today, and will get more work on these hopefully this weekend.  Good thing I like painting...

And that's our workload right now! These will get banged out really fast, because we want to get these campaigns up and running. And, as I mentioned, look for some surprise model and some sick conversions coming your way really soon! 

Questions? Comments?  Donations?  Bring'em!

The Second Class Elitist  

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