Sunday, January 4, 2015

The LXG Painting Board

   Ok, most of you probably know by now that we have a "painting board" at LXG Headquarters. For those of you who haven't seen it, it is, quite simply, a dry erase board with a spreadsheet containing the members of our club, and the models we own for each game that need to be painted. The numbers are points which are allocated as follows, quoting Second Class Elitist (2CE) from his New Year's Eve Resolutions article: "Our points system is based on model base size: 25mm/30mm is 1, 40mm or cavalry is 2, 50mm is 4, and vehicles are 10. Terrain is based on similar numbers, but with a lot more leeway to trying to figure them out."
   Since 2CE brought up New Year's Hobby Resolutions, and he and I both made painting related ones, I think it's high time we enforced some culpability on this painting board by letting you, our readers, periodically see our progress. To that end, I am showing you the Painting Board as it stood at midnight, December 31st, 2014. I will then introduce to you any changes we are making to the painting board for 2015, and try to post an update article periodically to let you know how things are progressing.

   Ok, here's the final rendition of the 2014 LXG Painting Board. As you can see, our online name abbreviations are on the left, and across the top are abbreviations for the games we have miniatures for (Malifaux2E, Warzone Resurrection, etc.) As you can see, I have 43 points in unpainted Malifaux models. Yup, that's on top of all of the ones you've seen in my battle reports.
   On the right are three special columns. "Penalty" are penalty points we have yet to paint, generally terrain points, acquired by losing a challenge. "Total" represents the total number of unpainted mini-points each of us has, which, in turn, is totaled for the club at the bottom (628). "Done" represents the number of points we each finished painting, including terrain points, again totaled at the bottom for the club. 
   As you can see, Second Class Elitist (2CE) has the most completed points, mostly because he loves doing terrain and whole tables, for which we generously award points, since they are useful to everybody. Expect Token Gamer Chic to catch up on that score a little next year, as she will be finishing a ton of Dwarven Forge. I do less terrain, so believe it or not, my total is mostly models. Okay, mostly zombies. Belgarath and Merek generally duke it out to be "not last." Painting is not their specialty, but they still averaged over a model a week. Don't worry about DAZ- we're still prodding him, and he's still a "potential member." We just didn't want to exclude him, because he's cool.
   Oh, a smiley face represents a category where you got DOWN to zero points. A frowny face represents a category in which you never had any points, 'cause that's sad.
   I'll be showing you the new 2015 Painting Board soon, as soon as we do some recounts (these numbers are constantly changing, and hence always slightly inaccurate.) And then we shall commence with the updates, ambitions, and trash talking.

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