Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Terror from Outer Space: Fly me to the Moon, A Narrative

Hey there everyone, here's a little bit of an intro teaser for the Counterblast campaign.  To borrow the immortal words of a man well known from the period:  Imagine if you will, a small strange man.  In a small strange ship. A ship about to encounter something unexpected...

"Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars. Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars..."
Space was lonely and quiet. The only thing breaking the monotony of the shuttle trip was the audiotron playing some human music. Stong liked Human music- the melodies were simple, yet creative. While he had never met this earth female named Kaye Ballard, her voice was soothing. The perfect thing for a long, one-being sensor sweep along the Neiran border of the Outer Reaches. He wondered if she'd yet taken the opportunity to travel the stars.  Preferably, he hoped, to a world that had a early solar cycle season closer to something she'd recognize as spring, since the minus 200-plus degrees of Jupiter was unlikely to seem springlike.
Something caught Stong's eye. Something so far distant to naked vision he wasn't sure he saw it- only that his scout crafts sensors should have detected it ten minutes ago, and didn't. Stong blinked, his big eye straining to make out the craft in the distance.  It seemed massive, even at this range.  It also seemed... oddly organic.  Stong brushed away fanciful tales of Space Whales from his mind, and pulled in closer to the craft
"...Fill my heart with song and let me sing for ever more. You are all I long for, all I worship and adore..."
Kaye Ballard was all but forgotten in the background as Stong flew the scouter in closer.  Still, no reading from the scanners... which he normally would have said was impossible.  Stong was close enough noe to see the ship fully.  In fact, it was all he could see- it encompassed the entire horizon of the scouter's viewscreen.  Which explains why Stong didn't detect the pair of attack craft that launched from it.

"Station, this is Scouter One.  Station?  Station do you read me?"  Nothing but static responded to Stong. "Station... we have a problem...  Station!  Station! Incoming Colony ship! Repeat Inc-"

Stong's message was cut short by the weapons fire of the attack craft. Energy blasts tore through the scout ship, depressurizing it instantly.  The last moments of Stong's life matched the last seconds the area which had been the scout ship maintained enough atmospheric pressure to hear Kaye Ballard slip away from him into the darkness of space.

"...In other words..."

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