Saturday, January 3, 2015

Finding My Hobby: Hobby Resolutions

Here in America, not sure about elsewhere in the world, it is tradition to make a resolution to change something in our lives for the positive.  Common resolutions include losing weight, quiting smoking, treating myself better, etc.  When I worked for GW we used to make hobby resolutions.  In that vein, I'm going to put down my hobby resolutions in writing for you to hold me accountable to.  So here we go...

 Hobby Resolution #1:

I started this series to track the rediscovery of my hobby.  I posted a couple of followups, but it's been
awhile.  That's mainly because I started a new job, and it's been an adjustment.  So resolution number 1 is to update this series more often in 2015.  I'm going to try to post once a week, with a quick blurb about the games I've played, and what's on my painting table.  These will most likely be quick posts, with a picture or two.  But this way you can see what I'm up to.  Of course that leads to my next resolution...

Hobby Resolution #2:

Play more games!  At it's core this hobby for me has always been about the games.  In 2014 I didn't play nearly enough.  Now for the first little bit of 2015 this should take care of itself.  You may have heard (and if you haven't, go here) we're running not one but two campaigns for the first quarter of the year.  This means I will be playing games.  At a clip of close to 1 a week when the campaigns are up and running.  For the year I hope to keep a pace of at least 3 games a month.

Hobby Resolution #3:

You may have noticed that my first 2 resolutions are very quantifiable.  I learned long ago that if you can't measure a goal, you'll never achieve it.  Now I'm going to break this rule, I want to have more fun with my hobby in 2015.  I started on a conversion for our campaign, and I felt joy in my hobby when I was done.  I realized I've not felt that nearly enough for something I say I enjoy.  So while I can't measure this one, I think if I do the first two this will happen.

So there they are, my hobby resolutions for 2015.  Let me know what you think.  And do you have any resolutions.  If so let me know what they are in the comment's below.  Wish me luck, and until next time...



  1. Good luck! They all sound feasible, honestly. Personally, I'm just hoping not to drop off the face of the blog with all of my other hobbies getting busy... oh, an hour ago, and on through... uh, October?

    1. Thanks Ali. I'm concerned about my other hobbies as well. But we shall see.