Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rules Break Down: Dropzone Commander Part 2

Hello everyone! Today I will be finishing the rules for Hawk Wargames, Dropzone Commander.  First, I am going to cover the different types of fliers. Finally I will go over Close Quarter Battle rule. So still back and grab some popcorn.

Fliers are a large part of Dropzone. They are your fastest transports and the hardest vehicles to hit as you need the AA rule to even shoot them. Fliers are broken down into two groups Normal Aircraft and Fast Movers.

Normal Aircraft are your transports and gunships. They move like your tanks and other vehicles but 6" up. They also have the ability to Hit The Deck which allows them to fly at 2" instead this can be very useful if you need to hide behind low terrain while flying to your objective. It does however have a risk involved of the aircraft slamming into the ground creating a nice fireball.

Fast Movers start in reserve and must roll to see if they come onto the table or not. Fast Mover are classified by FM in the MV stat. Their special movement is called The Attack Run. The Attack Run allows you to pick one point on any table edge and draw a line to an opposing table edge, Following that line you pick a target to shoot at along the way. Some Fast Movers have another rule called interceptor. Interceptor allows a Fast Mover to chase other Fast Movers. This Attack Run is done during your opponent's turn. This allows for a lot of counter play, like shooting down a bomber before it can drop it's payload.

 Finally the Close Quarters Battle Rules. The CQB rules are one of the most unique rules in Dropzone Commander. As you may have guessed from the name, it is when your charge your infantry into an occupied building to fight over who controls it. The occupying infantry, meaning the infantry that was in the building originally, Chooses when the combat will happen during the turn. all infantry have CQB value and a Damage Point value which determines the amount of dice that are rolled. Squads of infantry that are the elite of an Army, or the craziest, can dodge attack. This works like Passive Counter Measures. If a squad takes too many casualties in a single CQB action it must take a morale test using the Fortitude Stat or flee the building. CQB by it's nature is very gruesome I think Hawk Wargames has done a great job showing that.

Please leave comment and criticisms. I would like to know your thoughts either good or bad. If you have any other questions about these rule feel free to contact me. If you would like me to do review of a specific game let me know and I will see if I can.

Can't wait for the next game,


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