Thursday, January 29, 2015

Meet the Crew- the Edofleini

   Space squids are people, too, and we really wanted you to be able to meet all the characters in the Counterblast campaign. So here it is. Meet the crew of the "invading" Edofleini ship (hey, it's all a matter of perspective, right?)
Please note that the pronoun "he" is merely being used as a generic filler, because English does not have the proper pronoun for ungendered entities. And you really didn't want to read this in the original Edo, did you?
   By the way, all of this is just my personal fluff, written to give you more to connect to during the campaign. None of this should be taken as canon- unless, of course, Patrick and Vicky Keith say so!

Oodeetl- Medicine is not exactly an esteemed profession in Edo society. It's more of a necessity. Abilities of the mind are paramount, of course, but even the Edofleini have not yet mastered their Psionic powers to the point that they can execute them without the body and brain, and both of those occasionally require medical attention. So someone has to do it. Oodeetl doesn't mind taking up that task. He knows how important it can be to the group. Where would we be, after all, if our Prime Leader fell? We would be in disarray. And keeping the Psider alive is not a bad idea, either. Besides, who's going to shoot at a little spawnling when he's standing next to the mighty Prime Leader? He may just live long enough to go on to more                                                prestigious pursuits.

Klxuuull ("Clicks")- Arc technology is pretty impressive stuff, well beyond the grasp of the intellectually primitive creatures that inhabit the planets in this new Milky Way galaxy. Even among the Edo, not everyone has a firm grasp of it. But the Undermind has a wonderful knack for making/identifying young spawnlings with the intellectual potential to innovate. Klxuuull, of course, is a budding theoretical scientist, and devotes his studies and skills to the end of the technology that dwells on the computer screen. He leaves playing with simple tools like guns to the engineers- after all, there are far more interesting applications for arc technology that are being developed. <<UPDATE: Killed completing the primary objective in Game 1>>

Oztx has just respawned into an underling, and is eager to begin his advanced training to become a Guardling. He knows there are a lot of wild animals on the planets that have Ultonium, and the harvesters need protecting. Some of these creatures have even mastered primitive tool use and creation, and have weapons and even ships, so the Edo race needs strong young guardlings more than ever, now that they need to push out into this new galaxy to get more Ultonium. Oztx has a lot of energy and drive, and he knows he can make more Ultonium harvesting a possibility, which would be a real boon to the Edo race.

Tuulooogll is really excited to be assigned to this ship travelling to the Outer Reaches. He loves exploring, and is particularly fond of exotic foods.

Eeellooguuuptl ("Goop") really hates pests. He will, in fact, go out of his way to exterminate them. He sees no use for them at all. Keeteekstl keeps telling him that, with a narrow-minded perspective like that, he'll never respawn into a Prime Leader. After all, a Prime Leader has to know things like when it is a waste of resources to bother exterminating an infestation, or when they are better off left alive or turned into braindrones. Eeellooguuuptl would just as soon finish them all off and have a nice, clean, sterile environment.

Keeteeekstl- Only experienced and gifted guardlings are made into spawnguard, so let's just say, Keeteeekstl has been to the spawning pond a few times. He knows what's what. Destined to make Prime Leader some day, Keeteekstl is loyal (even by Edo standards), intelligent, good at taking orders and giving them. He is evolved enough to really begin to understand the flow of the universe, and is beginning to feel very in tune with the Deep. In short, he is an excellent second in command.

Zptl ("Zippy")- As is common among trappers, Zptl is rather single-minded. They are specifically designed for slowing the enemy down, and that's what he does- kinda like a wind-up toy. Let him know who he's looking for, drop him in the zone, and watch the sticky goo fly- how can one little trapper produce so much of that stuff?

Kxstl- It's a little weird being an eyespy. You're an Edokin, so you know you'll never change, but you look so much like a full-fledged Edofleini. Kxstl knows there's a plus side to that, though- he always knows what to do, even if his leader becomes unable to communicate with him. Don't get me wrong. The sheer number of if-then statements in his mission plan would boggle the mind of someone who's brain isn't 12 cubic feet in size, but it isn't so bad when you're bio-engineered for it!

Oooollstxuuull- In spite of its name, the most frightening thing about a Psider is not it's strong connection to the Deep, but it's massive tentacles that can crush a man's rib cage inside of his armor. When that thing rushes you, you just might need to change your pants- if you live that long. And despite the creature's massive size, it is such a good chameleon that it can make itself really hard to see, even when it is right in front of you. Now that's the makings of a good horror movie beast. And yet, with it's psionic powers, it is just as capable of finesse tactics as full-blooded Edofleini, and tough to kill while you are waiting for it to enact it's terrible plan.

Zrxlfleee- It is rumored among the Edofleini that the Undermind can hear the Universe itself speak. Zrklfleee believes this, as he feels like he can almost hear it himself, echoed in the orders sent to him by the Undermind, a magnificent rhythm giving his life direction. Whether by this, or by proper spawning and experience, an Edo Prime Leader has an impressive combination of traits. He has strong intellect and psionic capabilites, formidable physical capabilites, and a touch of medical, technical, and engineering skill. Basically, he's a squid of all trades. And this is reflected in the finesse and understanding with which Zrxlflee carries out his orders. In the commands of a true Prime Leader, Zrxlflee feels, there is complexity and harmony. There is a sense of purpose far beyond the grasp of most intergalactic minds, an extension of the Undermind, of the vastness of the Deep. Both commander and philosopher, Zrxlfleee looks to thrive in this, his first mission in the Outer Reaches of the Milky Way galaxy.


  1. Ouh, nice colours and bases. I like them a lot.
    Funny read too.

  2. Thanks! The bases are Hitech Miniatures Alien theme bases, and I just thought they complimented the models so well that I couldn't resist. The colors were taken from the color palette we assembled in the Counterblast Teaser article "The 1950's Color Palette". And I'm glad you enjoyed the characters I created, too!

  3. Excellent characters! Really looking forward to the campaign coverage!

  4. Excellent backgrounds love the colour scheme as well.