Thursday, January 15, 2015

Campaigns update!

So, I'm hoping to get a video version of this up as well, but things here have turned for the insanely busy, so we'll see how it goes.

The WZR campaign is called Hidden Agendas, and will hopefully be launching next week (with prelims of characters if not gameplay). The crux of the campaign will be the Dark Legion attempting to acquire the secrets to Cybertronic's resistances to Dark Symmetry. For those of you who played in the demo game scenario sent to LGSs, this starts there (minus Alakhai and the Immortal) and expands further. Due to the multi-faceted nature of the Cartel in the Mutant Chronicles universe,  a number of different forces will come into play. Because of this, we will not always have one person playing the same force. For example, in the lead game it will be B97 as the Dark Legion, while I play Cybertronic. Should the Brotherhood make and appearance, they will be played by B97 while I play Legion. We decided having the most knowledgeable player for each force jump in would make for better games. Since we will all be playing to win each game, nobody is going to tap oit to forward one angle of the story over another anyway.

The Counterblast campaign will be called Terror from Outer Space. It will showcase nearly all factions from Counterblast, to give you a bit of a feel for each one. The players assigned to this one are a bit more primary: Ali will be playing the Edo, TGC will have the Nieran Empire, and I'll have the GDF.  There may be special guest appearances by Mekkus and Lancer forces, but those are harder to fit in to the half-length campaign.

That's right. Anyone who is interested in blogging about Warzone or Counterblast- unit reviews, unboxings, whatever- who puts a link to the Campaign in your post along with which faction you're rooting for, will score points for that faction.  Anyone on social media who links and forwards the games scores points for their faction. Any LGS that wants to run events linked to the campaign, I have some readymade ideas for you-contact me. Not only will you score points for your faction, we'll mention your store in the campaign reports.

Anyway, here's hoping everyone is as excited about this as we are here at LXG.

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