Monday, January 5, 2015

One More for the Cabinet: Bombshell Miniatures M4R1A Bot

Okay, so, I have a ton of models I need to finish up for the campaign(s) LXG is getting ready to drop. So, it makes sense the first model I finish of the New Year is one of those, right?  Not a chance.  See, I got ahold of the Metropolis inspired figured from Bombshell, and, well, everything else has to wait.

As I explained over here, my love of scifi robots dates back to my childhood.  Growing up on reruns of 50's scifi (from my father's childhood), it's only natural that a love of Metropolis would occur.  Let's face it, Maria is really the original "girl robot" fantasy, and I don't think there's a scifi writer or sculptor that hasn't been captivated by the awe inspiring nature of Metropolis.  Every now and then, someone sculpts of an homage to this inspirational classic, and when that happens, well, I really don't have a choice... I have to add it to my collection.  

Patrick Keith did his normal masterful work on this piece, as you can see here in the official studio painted version (which, it turns out he did as well).  A great traditional take on the character, only minorly accented with the improved look of robotics designed in a slightly more modern age, and maintaining his hallmark "pinup quality but classy" style of rendering the female form.  

Fortunately for me, I actually have a use for this model. (Well, the first one, anyway...) Currently, there is not yet an official model for the Mekkus "Cyren" unit in the Bombshell line. Accordsing to the information in the Counterblast rulebook, the Cyren is a cybernetic organism, as it is the only method by which the Mekkus can manage psychic powers.  So, they encase enough genetic material in a bipedal robotic form to be able to send out brain bolts, and the rest is all robot.  Hmmm.... robotic bipedal form... yup, that works for me.  

Of course, since it's going to be with my Mekkus, it had to look the part, so Maria had to trade in her chrome and steel for some hotrod red- behold the "Bride of Maximilian" makeover. 

And there we go. The first of (most likely) many versions of this model I'll be painting.  I can't wait to place this lovely lady on the table with the rest of my bright glossy red killing machines.  At least for this week though, she's going to have to go back in the cabinet, because I've got too much to get done, and not a lot of time to do it in. 

Comments?  Considerations?  Is the color to much?  Does the gloss coat make her transistors look fat?  Replies happily accepted below!

See you on the other side of the table,
The Second Class Elitist.

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