Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Campaign Prep Paint-O-Rama Part II

Welcome to WIP Wednesday! We've gotten a lot of work done, but we're not there yet! Let's check in on our progress towards our two campaigns!

First up on the block is a really late edition to the party...  Ali is trying to finish up a Bombshell Thule to use as an Edo beasty for the Counterblast campaign.  Apparently GCPS (That's Galactic Council Postal Service) had a spot of trouble getting this one delivered.  Might have been because it took a bite out of the carrier though, who knows. If I heard correctly, it'll be a Psider.  THe model is entirely basecoated at least, which is a plus.  The base is a custom build to allow it to match the rest of her Edo basing.  We'll see how she does!

Second up to bat are the GDF I'm planning on using for the first scenario. Which, of course, are none of the models I already have ready to go.  Who writes these things?  Oh, wait, it was me.  It's okay, it's not like I've be covering double shifts this week or anything.  Oh, what was that?  Oh, right, I have.  Well, I really don't need to sleep anyway. 
Finishing out the Counterblast updates, and starting into the Warzone ones, are TGC's Neiren and Mishima forces.  The Meka is looking simple stunning, with a scaled pattern that's taken a lot of work- but is paying off.  The big four armed gorilla is going to be used as a Vorog.  You know, I really don't know which one of these I'd prefer to run into in a dark alley.  Or a lit one. Or an open street.  Or really anywhere.  

So, what else is left to finish up for the campaigns?  Oh.... not much really...

Anyone wanna come over for a painting party?  

Don't worry, I'm really good at getting things done on a timetable, and have enough caffeine stashed at LXG headquarters to keep a herd of narcoleptic elephants tap dancing for a week.  Stay tuned!

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