Monday, January 12, 2015

Guardians of Eden: Character Review

In a slight departure from our regular coverage, I got a chance to read some character backgrounds for a new game coming to market.  That game is Guardians of Eden, and it's being developed by Word Forge Games and it's managing Director and Co-Founder Mark Rapson.  For some of you that name will be familiar, as he is also one of the main people behind Warzone Resurrection, a game we should all be aware of by now.  Guardians is described as a role-playing board game, so knowing the characters is important.  So without further ado on to the story...

The story of Guardians takes place in an alternate reality, essentially our world but with added elements.  Below is a quick run down of the blurbs I got.

The first person I met in my quick jaunt was Josh Jenkins.  Essentially he's an everyday guy that does "Something" that sets in motion a chain of events that changes the world as we know it.

That something is reported on by Holly Leaver, who writes a bit article about a boy who can fly.  A fluff piece that goes viral and leads her to track the boy down.

Then there is officer Roberta Ramsden, she's investigating an apparent suicide, but the circumstances are not quite right.  How this ties to Josh and his "flight" is unclear.

Nathaniel Golvenski, is one of the readers of this viral fluff piece.  It stirs memories for him of a kingdom he is somehow exiled from.  But most importantly it seems this kingdom is lost in myth and conspiracy.

Which leaves me with the fifth person I got to meet in the Guardians world.  A dwarf who's spit is acidic, and seems to be the villain.  Maybe?  What I do know about her is that she is seeking forgiveness for something to do with the "'Exile' and his Guardians."  That and she reports to the Principal, whom she both loves and fears.

Reading through I got a rough idea that Josh can fly, Holly is the reason it's become public, Nathaniel is most likely the 'Exile' that the dwarf was referring to.  And somehow this all ties to the 'suicide' Roberta is looking into.

What I really took from this and a previous interview that Mark gave about the project, is that this game will be story driven and the characters outlined here, plus others, will tell the story of this new world.  There is more here then the story in say a game like Arkham Asylum, but not as much as you might find in a true RPG.  I found myself wanting to know more, especially about Nathaniel and the dwarf (the two most fully developed blurbs I received), and I hope the planned storybook in the box will add to that.

All in  all this project looks interesting, and given some of Marks other work that I and many other's have enjoyed, I'm looking forward to it.  Mark also provided this exclusive look at Josh Jenkins:
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